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Season two 'American Idol' finalist Kimberley Locke is single again! After two years of dating 'Celebrity Fit Club' fitness coach Harvey Walden, the couple recently broke up. 'He's not my husband or my boyfriend. We didn't make it,' Locke told BV Buzz during Disney's Dreamers Academy at Walt Disney World. (Read: ' Reality Romance: Kimberly Locke Falls For 'Celebrity Fit Club' Coach.') Relationships. Harvey Walden IV has been in relationships with Kimberley Locke (2008 - 2010).. About. Harvey Walden IV is a 53 year old American TV Personality. Born Harvey E. Walden IV on 21st December, 1966 in Chicago, Illinois, USA, he is famous for Celebrity Fit Club. Kimberley Locke’s new single, “Strobelight,” is now available on iTunes. For more info, visit her MySpace page. Send a letter to the editor about this article. Series 1 [ edit ] Main article: Made in Chelsea series 1 The first series began airing on 9 May on E4. Kimberley Dawn Locke (born January 3, 1978) is an American singer-songwriter, TV personality, and model. She has recorded in the dance and pop genres, and has targeted the adult contemporary radio format. She is the cohost of the daytime talk show, Dr. and the Diva. 'With the Harvey Awards, ReedPop is thrilled to be a partner in helping honor the life and work of the great Harvey Kurtzman and spotlight the best of the best within the industry,' Lance ... Kimberley Locke is currently single. Relationships. Kimberley Locke has been engaged to Donald Campbell (2004 - 2005). Kimberley Locke has been in relationships with Harvey Walden IV (2008 - 2010), Charles Divins (2004) and Noel Ashman.

Rise 7 & SHIMMER 101-104 Notes

2018.04.16 19:54 tigersamurai Rise 7 & SHIMMER 101-104 Notes

Hello! I attended the full weekend and thought some may enjoy these notes along with results. It's a lot, but I know I missed some stuff, too. Feel free to add or comment. Also got to record some interviews for the King of Pro Wrestling podcast. I'll post links when they're available. One is with Shotzi Blackheart, the other with Pat Laprade.
RISE 7: Sensation Showed up early to the sold out Berwyn Eagles club (most tickets ever sold to a women’s wrestling event). Knew ahead of time that Bull Nakano was unable to attend due to travel issues… yes, blame the current government… That said, Gail Kim was a damn good addition in her stead. Got to chat with one my faves, Shotzi Blackheart, right away and see some familiar faces. Pre-show matches
Jenna Von Muscles def Laynie Price - solid opening contest for these seminar attendees. Both could get more action in the future
Tesha Price def Robyn Reed - Tesha has a great look, moves really well in the ring, nice solid moves, and sells like she’s been doing this for a lot longer than a year or so.
Main Card
Mia Yim & Kay Lee Ray def Undeniably Impressive (Indi Hartwell & Tessa Blanchard) - good match, but Mia was definitely wrestling a little slower and could be seen limping a bit. Still, it’s fantastic to see her back from injury and I’m sure she’ll get her groove back in no time. She certainly doesn’t lack for charisma. Kay Lee Ray is great. He strikes a solid, holds are snug, and flying is some of the best around. Tessa is Tessa. Undeniable, indeed. It’s going to get harder and harder for her to stay a hell, though. The fans play along when she heels it up, but she’s getting more and more cheers even when she mouths off to the crowd. She’s still one of the best, though, and it’s only a matter of time before she finds herself in a larger spotlight. Indi… Oh Indi. I want to like her. She looks like a million bucks and has a fantastic presence, but she’s just sloppy in the ring. Stiff and looks bad taking moves and her big boot is unremarkable… Of course, Kay Lee was the one that busted Tessa’s chin open with a kick, so what do I know. Hartwell ate the pin with a double team Gory Bomb/Pedigree combo
Zoe Lucas won her First Annual Zoe Lucas Global Gauntlet of True Pro Wrestling Excellence… Seriously, Zoe is great. She took out FaceBrooke and then Valentina Loca came out with Thunder Rosa (who got a big reaction). Zoe has some great moves based around her legs and flexibility. FaceBrooke has a interesting gimmick (emoji tights & Facebook “like” mask) and she’s a taller wrestler and looks good in the ring. Would’ve loved to see Rosa vs Lucas one on one as Loca just doesn’t look good in the ring. She’s young and is clearly trying, but when you see how smooth someone like Lucas is and Thunder Rosa who is just fantastic in the ring, it’s jarring to see Loca in there with them. Lucas got the win by pinning Loca after pushing Rosa out of the ring.
Ray Lyn & Karen Q def Nicole Savoy & Ariel Monroe - good match. All 4 can go, but they played up the comedy quite a bit. Still some great spots. Lots of nice looking corner strikes from Karen and Ariel and beautiful suplexes from Nicole. Part of Karen & Ray Lyn’s gimmick is they don’t get along and the crowd cheers Karen, but boos Ray Lyn. Lots of fun interplay between them. Kind of surprised to see them get the win by pinning Monroe, but Savoy, the current Shimmer champ, was protected well.
Shazza MacKenzie def Hyan - Hyan looked pretty good, but Shazza was never in trouble and tapped her out
Blue Nation (Charlie Evans & Jessica Troy) def Fire & Nice (Britt Baker & Chelsea Green) - their usual solid match. All four are very good and Jessica and Charlie are two of the best heels in Rise/Shimmer. Fire & Nice has been on a losing streak, but they don’t need wins to stay popular, they look good and work hard. Britt is doing some of Adam Cole’s superkicks, but has enough of her own moves to not make her look like the female version of Cole. I gotta think it’s only a matter of time before they’re both in NXT.
Mercedes Martinez def Taya Valkyrie - Taya was super-over and brought Cierra, a little girl who beat cancer and started #DancerBeatinCancer, the crowd popped for her, but Martinez came out and heeled it up on the kid even joking about her beating an “illness” and telling her she didn’t deserve all this. Somehow it never came off as distasteful and you could tell her parents were so happy to see her having fun. The match was very good and they brawled outside and told a great story. Eventually, Mercedes held the ropes to the get the win. Post-match Cierra came back and members of the roster came out and they all danced in the ring with Cierra getting a solo. Fun moment and the crowd gave Cierra lots of love.
Deuce’s Alliance (Shotzi Blackheart, Cheerleader Melissa, Willow Nightingale) def Gokumon-To (Kris Wolf, Kikiyo, & Dynamite DiDi) in a 6-woman elimination match. In spite of Bull Nakano’s absence this was still a featured match and ended up being a lot of fun. Willow looked great in there, but Kris Wolf stole the show, though she was rivaled for popularity by Shotzi. Shotzi got the final elimination to win for her team.
Saraya Knight defeated Joey Ryan - fun match with Joey doing his shtick and Saray not having any of it. Saray took a lot of punishment but came back to get the win with a powerbomb from the corner. It was an ending out of no where and you could tell some folks were expecting more, but I thought it was nice little match that did what it needed.
Dust & Melanie Cruise def Kylie Rae & Miranda - Rosemary is injured and couldn’t wrestle, but she and Dust brought out the returning (she just had a baby) Melanie Cruise as the newest member of Paradise Lost. They gave her a new name, but I couldn’t catch it, think it was Raven’s Ash or Raveness. Hard to hear. Good match. Kylie is very over and looks great in the ring. Miranda is very good, but doesn’t quite connect with the crowd yet. Good stuff with the heel team doing what they needed and getting the win.
Delilah Doom def Deonna Purrazzo to retain the Phoenix of Rise championship. Really good match. Deonna was a standout of the weekend and easily gave Delilah one of the best matches she’s had in Rise/Shimmer. Delilah retains with a Saito Suplex. Post-Match Shotzi Blackheart came out and congratulated Delilah while keeping her eye on the prize setting up a potential match. Worth noting that Shotzi was basically screwed out of the title after a barbed wire bat shot from Dust and Delilah never pinned her to win the title.
Good night overall, but probably not their best show. Still amazing to see the sold-out house. They (Kevin Harvey & Gail Kim) also announced that RISE 9 will take place July 7th in Napierville with Rise of the Knockouts as they continue the road to crowning the Guardians of Rise (tag titles) and their collaboration with Impact, also announcing that Impact is bringing back the Knockouts tag titles. It’s a bigger building and Kevin told me they’re looking to sell over 500, which with the response to Rise 7 should be doable.
SPARKLE Match:Dementia D’Rose & Nina Monet b. Queen Aminata & Tesha Price - Tesha once again looked really good and I’m looking forward to seeing more from her. Fine match that had some good crowd heat to get the day started.
SPARKLE Match: Facebrooke b. Ray Lyn - fine match, both worked well.
Zoe Lucas b. Aerial Monroe - Lot of fun. Both are very good and Zoe continues her winning streak.
Samantha Heights b. Sierra - Samantha and Sierra worked incredibly well together. Best Heights match I’ve seen and she’s clearly been working hard.
FOUR WAY MATCH: Hudson Envy b. Dynamite DiDi, Kay Lee Ray and Miranda Alize - Thought Kay Lee had this one, but Hudson was able to steal the pin with a kick to DiDi’s face.
Rachael Ellering b. Veda Scott - Rachel is very over and looks very good. She sells great and has some great moves in her arsenal.
Dust (w/Rosemary) b. Rhia O’Reilly - Awesome to see Rhia back. They had a very good match, with plenty of shenanigans. They beat her down after, but Saraya made the save to set up the tag match on the next card.
Marti Belle b. Brittany Blake - This was a match. It happened. Nothing terrible and Brittany has grown a lot, but Marti just seems there. Some people like her and she’s not bad, but she doesn’t do it for me.
SHIMMER TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: Totally Tubular Tag Team (Delilah Doom & Leva Bates) (c) b. The Blue Nation (Charli Evans & Jessica Troy) - One of the best matches on the card. Seriously. Just a great back and forth match that played well in the team’s dynamics and strengths. Great double team Widow’s Peak by Doom with a kick to face by Leva on Evans got them the win to retain the titles. They did a Dirty Dancing cosplay, by the way, and it was fantastic. Doom was Baby and Leva was Johnny. Great stuff pre-match, but they played it straight in the ring and that helped make it a great match.
Mercedes Martinez b. Willow Nightingale - Willow looked really good here and even went for a second rope moonsault that looked like a million bucks. Impressive for her size. Mercedes naturally gets the win with the dragon sleeper. Mercedes beat her down after until Vanessa Kraven made the save for a pop.
HEART OF SHIMMER CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: Shazza McKenzie (c) b. Shotzi Blackheart - Very good match. Shotzi keeps getting better and has such amazing charisma. Shazza had to hit an Avalanche Shazztastic Stunner to put her away after a nice back and forth battle.
Mia Yim b. Nicole Matthews - Great stuff. Matthews had the Shim-virus (every SHIMMER taping there’s always a sickness floating around). She came out coughing and Mia brought out hand sanitizer and gave some to the front row, hilarious. And smelled great, by the way. Good match and Mia looked better here. Still a little tentative, but they match up well. Solid win for Mia on the ShimmerTaker with the package piledriver.
SUBMISSION MATCH: Deonna Purrazzo b. Madison Eagles - Match of the night and maybe the weekend. They match up so well and Madison is simply one of the best in the world. She feels so real. A true grapple fest with tons of unique transitions and holds and build to some stiff strikes and big moves and then back to the ground to go for the submission. Great stuff. Truly. Purrazzo got the big win to avenge her loss at 100. Afterwards it was announced she’d get a title shot at Savoy on the next card.
SHIMMER CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: Nicole Savoy (c) b. Cheerleader Melissa - Really good stuff. Melissa is just so damn good. She’s dropped a little weight (not that she was ever big) and was clearly having fun this weekend. Some great suplexes and submission attempts and both targeted limbs, which paid off as Savoy retained with an armbar.
Solid taping. 101 is one to get when it becomes available, seriously. One of the best tapings overall that I’ve been to.
Zoe Lucas b. Leva Bates - Leva cosplayed as a “Double Dare” contestant and we started a “Blue Shorts” chant, she joked it doesn’t have quite the same ring. Zoe played dumb with the gimmick and we had a fun match with some good comedy bits. Zoe used the hard hat Leva had worn in her intro to grab the advantage and score a win.
Paradise Lost (Dust & Melanie Cruise) (w/Rosemary) b. Rhia O’Reilly & Saraya Knight - hard-hitting affair here with Paradise lost heeling it up. Somewhat scary moment as Cruise hit Saraya with a tombstone, but couldn’t score the pin. The ref wouldn’t count because Saraya had a shoulder up, but it looked like a miscommunication as Cruise waited for the count that never came. She tried to pick her up from the ground and hit another, but couldn’t really do it and just dropped down to her knees. I had a pretty good view and it didn’t really look like Saraya hit her head/neck, but she stayed down and there was a very long moment where Cruise just stayed there and the ref wouldn’t count the pin still. A tag was made and after Dust got the pin Saraya just laid there and the ref ran to the back and brought out more refs and Allison Danger. Saraya refused attention and Rhia told Allison she was fine and Saraya made it to her feet to a pop.
HEART OF SHIMMER CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: Shazza McKenzie (c) b. Hudson Envy - this one felt a little short, especially after Hudson has built some steam in singles action lately, but Shazza has a good defense and gets the win with her new(ish) head and arm submission.
Cheerleader Melissa b. Facebrooke - fun match and Melissa was very interactive with the fans in this one. FaceBrooke got some heel heat and I even yelled out “Cambridge Analytica” which Melissa ran with and began the beat down that ended in a solid win with the Air Raid Crash. Again, Melissa is so damn good.
Gokumon-to (Dynamite DiDi & Kikyo) b. Killer Death Machines (Jessicka Havok & Nevaeh) - KDM are super over and Nevaeh got a great “Welcome Back” chant as she returns from a knee injury back in July at the shimmer tapings. Surprise to see Gokumon-to get the win, but it was in dubious fashion as DiDi rolled up Nevaeh.
Kay Lee Ray b. LuFisto via DQ - Good stuff here. Somehow, even though she’s loved by a lot of the crowd and going through a cancer scare (for which the crowd raised over $1100 with a raffle), LuFisto can still draw heel heat. Not impossible against the big fan-favorite Kay Lee Ray. They had a hard hitting match that ended in DQ when Hudson Envy interfered. This brought out Mia Yim and it was a no brainer that we’d get a tag match on the next card.
Madison Eagles b. Kiera Hogan - Madison had a decided height advantage her and had a lot of fun with it. Match was very good and Madison scored the win with a roundhouse kick. Madison is so good at putting together great matches with out of no where finishes that feel right and real. Love her stuff.
FOUR WAY MATCH: Kris Wolf b. Charli Evans, Mia Yim and Shotzi Blackheart - Really good 4-way that had Wolf playing the face as opposed to her Rise match. She got the pin on Evans to keep Shotzi and Mia looking strong.
Kimber Lee b. Delilah Doom - really good match between these two. Kimber looked great all weekend and this match allowed her to heel it up a lot against the over Doom.
Mercedes Martinez b. Vanessa Kraven - Martinez stole this one in perfect heel fashion as Kraven was the clear fan-favorite. “Rematch” chant after.
SHIMMER CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: Nicole Savoy (c) b. Deonna Purrazzo - one of the best matches of the weekend, tho a little of the drama was sucked out knowing that Deonna was not around on Sunday for the second set of tapings. They worked well together and had a nice mix of ground game and strikes with Nicole busting out some big suplexes late in the match. She retained with the armbar which was a nice reversal after Deonna had worked over her arm all match, which Nicole sold very well, having trouble getting her up in suplexes a number of times. Post-Match Su Yung made her return and attacked Nicole Savoy with a kendo stick after the main event. Crowd was stoked to see Su and she left some big welts that turned into wicked bruises on Nicole’s back and shoulders.
Awesome day of tapings and this second show continued what are some of the best SHIMMER tapings I’ve been to so far.
SPARKLE Match: Cici Galavis b. Harlow O’Hara - really good opener. Nice fundamentals, some cool spots and the face edged out the heel to start things off well.
SPARKLE Match: Karen Q (w/Ray Lyn) b. Tesha Price - Tesha continued to impress and Karen Q was a great opponent with some very solid work. Ray Lyn helped her partner get the win and tried to take credit post match to continue their in-fighting over who’s better.
Chelsea Green b. Jessica Troy - good stuff. Chelsea has one of the best wrist-locks on the roster. Such a simple thing, but hers just looks so good. Chelsea gets the win to avenger her team’s loss. Cheerleader Melissa b. Aerial Monroe - so much fun. Melissa was clearly having a good time this weekend and really brought as Ariel played up the size and experience difference. Some good comedy and great stuff from Melissa as usual.
Willow Nightingale b. Sierra - Nightingale looked good all weekend as did Sierra. They have a fun little match.
Undeniably Impressive (Indi Hartwell & Tessa Blanchard) b. The Sinister Sweethearts (Brittany Blake & Samantha Heights) - Indi looked better here, but there were still some miscues from everyone but Tessa. Still, it didn’t ever fall apart and Sam and Brittany were good in this, but again, it’s getting harder for people to boo Tessa which made for some mixed responses to the faces.
Saraya Knight b. Hyan - Hyan would not show Saraya respect which was a theme this taping. Saray remedied that and beat Hyan from pillar to post. She fought incredibly dirty much to the delight of the crowd.
Kris Wolf b. Kiera Hogan - Good performance from Wolf who was super-over all weekend.
Dust (w/Rosemary) b. Britt Baker - Dust got the win in a good match and it was announced that she would challenge for the Heart of SHIMMER title on the next card.
SHIMMER TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: Totally Tubular Tag Team (Delilah Doom & Leva Bates) (c) b. Gokumon-to (Dynamite DiDi & Kikyo) - fun match as T4 cosplayed as Doc (Leva) and Marty (Doom) from Back to the Future which was actually a throwback to Regeneration Next (Allison Danger & Leva Bates) with Bates taking on the Doc role this time around. Not as good as their defense from Saturday’s tapings, but still a lot of fun. Good to see them retain and continue on as champs going out of the weekend.
Nicole Matthews b. Rachael Ellering - Matthews came out with tea and a sweater and looked miserable, playing up the ShimVirus gimmick. She got more “Patient Zero” chants and had a lot of fun with it even spitting her “tea” in Rachel’s face. Rachel his a stiff kick to Matthews face and she was bleeding from the nose a bit. Solid match and a good win for Matthews.
Hudson Envy & LuFisto b. Flyin’ High WDSS (Kay Lee Ray & Mia Yim) - hell of a brawl! Lots of good work from the heels who cheated to win and set up a tornado tag rematch on the next card.
HEART OF SHIMMER CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: Shazza McKenzie (c) b. Zoe Lucas - very good match that saw some great spots based around the fact that each do the splits for their finish, including both girls being in the splits exchanging strikes. Shazza retains after her submission finisher. Zoe looked good all weekend and this title shot was well-deserved. I expect her to be pushed up the card on the next set of tapings.
FOUR WAY MATCH: Kimber Lee b. Mercedes Martinez, Rhia O’Reilly and Vanessa Kraven - really good 4-way that played up the Kraven/Martinez feud and gave Kimber a chance to shine as well. Kraven almost had the win, but Martinez interfered and Kimber hit the swanton for the victory. Post-Match brawling from Mercedes and Vanessa led to a rematch between the two on the next card.
SHIMMER CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: Nicole Savoy (c) b. Su Yung - match of the weekend. Easily. It was so damn good. Better than just about any women’s match I’ve seen in the past year on North American soil. No joke. Su Yung made you believe she was taking the title, but Nicole kept fighting back and got the win with her submission after tons of nearfalls on both women. Su was super over and I don’t think anyone would have been upset had she taken the title. Sincerely hope to see her again next round of tapings.
Veda Scott b. Samantha Heights - this was a match. Not bad and Samantha looked really good this weekend and was very over, but nothing special here. Kind of surprised to see Veda go over.
Killer Death Machines (Jessicka Havok & Nevaeh) b. Blue Nation (Charli Evans & Jessica Troy) - really good match. One of the best tags of the weekend along with the first title defense by T4. I could see KDM challenging for the belts after this. Blue Nation is very very good. Excited to see what’s next for them.
Melanie Cruise (w/Rosemary) b. Willow Nightingale - Cruise took her size advantage and pretty much terrorized Willow to pick up the win. Rosemary is awesome by the way. Even injured she kept her heat and made an impact in every match she was on the outside for.
Tessa Blanchard b. Miranda Alize - Tessa was over and they had a really good match that saw Tessa get a strong win.
Saraya Knight b. Rain (w/Lacey) - Rain and Lacey, two SHIMMER originals, made their return. A lot of fun to see them back. They heeled it up on Saraya and made fun of her age. Saraya, of course, beat the hell of Rain and even gave Lacey a few licks. Saraya got her nose busted open and reveled in it, using it add drama whereas Matthews had wiped her bloody nose away when she got busted earlier.
Cheerleader Melissa b. Leva Bates - Good match. Melissa continued to have fun with her matches as Leva cosplayed as Maverick from Top Gun. Leva kept saying she wanted to fly and played some nice comedy bits which Melissa turned around and at multiple points made Leva “fly”. She won with the Kudoh Driver which always looks sick, but Leva knows how to take it and it was a great finish after being teased a couple of times.
Nicole Matthews b. Kris Wolf - The ShimmerTaker played up the ShumVirus again and Wolf was super over. Really good match. Some were shocked to see Wolf drop the fall, but she had a great showing the whole weekend and if she’s back, there’s no doubt she’ll continue to draw and work her way up. There’s a reason Matthews is called the ShimmerTaker and she served as gatekeeper here.
SCRAMBLE MATCH: Shotzi Blackheart b. Britt Baker, Chelsea Green, Marti Belle, Rachael Ellering and Su Yung - Fun scramble that was all over the place. Baker and Green teased they were going to fight, but then hugged. Lots of great stuff, including a 6-way suplex spot. Shotzi got the pin on Marti after a senton from the top. Good way to end her weekend.
Vanessa Kraven b. Mercedes Martinez - really good and fun match. Kraven got her vengeance with a choke bomb that had fans asking for a title shot afterwards.
HEART OF SHIMMER CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: Dust (w/Rosemary) b. Shazza McKenzie (c) (w/Kellie Skater) – NEW CHAMPION - really good match. Kind of a surprise to see the title change. There were some teased shenanigans, but really, Dust went over clean, mostly. Skater balanced out Rosemary so it wasn’t like she stole the title. Big win for Dust, but well deserved. She’s a hard worker and Paradise Lost having some gold will make for interesting story-telling.
TORNADO TAG TEAM MATCH: Flyin’ High WDSS (Kay Lee Ray & Mia Yim) b. Hudson Envy & LuFisto - hell of a lot of fun. Kay Lee Ray flew all over the place and they brawled all over the ringside area. Some great double-teams and stiff strikes.
SHIMMER CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: Nicole Savoy (c) b. Kimber Lee - good defense, but nowhere near the heat, story, or build as the Su Yung match. Savoy looked great and Lee definitely came close, but it was solid defense and a great way to close the show.
The after-party was a heck of a lot of fun and I got to have some fun conversations with the talent. Overall one of my favorite Shimmer weekends. November had the Joshi talent and there were some awesome matches, but something about the overall weekend this time around felt stronger. Madison Eagles was sick on Sunday and unable to wrestle, but still came out and was at the merch table, too. Already looking forward to the next set of tapings.
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