Dating innaccurate

One controversial example is the dating of a single layer of archaeology at the Bronze and Iron Age city buried at Tel Rehov. Just a few decades of difference could help resolve an ongoing debate over the extent of Solomon's biblical kingdom, making findings like these more than a minor quibble in a politically contested part of the world. The kicker? That carbon dating deemed the moss to have been frozen for over 1,500 years. Now, if this carbon dating agrees with other evolutionary methods of determining age, the team could have a real discovery on their hands. Taken alone, however, the carbon dating is unreliable at best, and at worst, downright inaccurate. When news is announced on the discovery of an archaeological find, we often hear about how the age of the sample was determined using radiocarbon dating, otherwise simply known as carbon dating. Radiometric dating is a much misunderstood phenomenon. Evolutionists often misunderstand the method, assuming it gives a definite age for tested samples. Creationists also often misunderstand it, claiming that the process is inaccurate. Radiometric Dating Is Not Inaccurate Perhaps a good place to start this article would be to affirm that radiometric dating is not inaccurate. It is Isochron dating is supposed to remove the assumption of initial conditions, but some different assumptions are necessary. If radiometric dating techniques are objective and accurate, then comparing the single–sample dates to the isochron dates should give similar results. In the RATE report there were dates that differed by up to a billion years. Everyone knows that age dating is a thorn in the side of creationists. But is “all” age dating flawed? It’s quite simple actually. If all matter came from the same source (the first matter to appear, then blew up or broke apart), then all matter should date back to that point. Carbon dating is unreliable for objects older than about 30,000 years, but uranium-thorium dating may be possible for objects up to half a million years old, Dr. Zindler said. The method is less ... Radiocarbon dating is a key tool archaeologists use to determine the age of plants and objects made with organic material. But new research shows that commonly accepted radiocarbon dating ... Dating refers to the archaeological tool to date artefacts and sites, and to properly construct history. All methods can be classified into two basic categories: a) Relative dating methods : Based on a discipline of geology called stratigraphy, rock layers are used to decipher the sequence of historical geological events. Radiocarbon dating is a key tool archaeologists use to determine the age of plants and objects made with organic material. But new research shows that commonly accepted radiocarbon dating ...

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2020.07.22 15:42 themauryan Format for submission in this sub-reddit

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Explanation of the policy: This shall include Concept, Need, influences, beneficiaries, implementation, evaluation parameters, Limitations
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Reasons for success/ failure of the policy: You may include your own opinion and research on how the policy may work in case of policies that have not done that well
Sources - Post may be flaired as "Innaccurate" without reliable sources. A list of reliable shall be compiled and made public at a later date
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2020.05.29 03:15 dragonthingy r/AFL Compendium of History – AFL Collapse: How the Port Adelaide Football Club collapsed horrifically, but then sort of recovered maybe?

Greetings everybody. The topic I wanted to cover for the History Compendium is inspired by SB Nation's Collapse, a really interesting series on how a sports team or athlete can collapse quickly, and go from a strong team, to a weak one. I don't even follow most of the sports they discuss, but I still find it interesting, as rarely does such a collapse happen due to a single event; normally it takes multiple events to truly make it set in, such as Sega dropping out of the console manufacturing business. Port Adelaide in the 2000s was a strong team, a traditional powerhouse of South Australian Football that took it to the Vics and showed them what they could do, making two Grand Final appearances in four years and consistently making finals. They had a team coached by football royalty Mark Williams, and players such as future Richmond coach Damien Hardwick, future Gold Coast coach Stuart Dew, future Port Adelaide coach Matthew Primus, Darryl Wakelin, Domenic Cassisi, Shaun Burgoyne, Gavin Wanganeen, Warren Tredrea and Josh Carr would win their club its 35th senior premiership (after its 34 in the SANFL before joining the AFL). They even had Alastair Clarkson, future four-time Premiership coach at Hawthorn, as their midfield coach. But despite this on-field and off-field strength, within just a few years they would become the biggest laughing stock in the competition, source of the greatest footy meme ever, and some even wondered if they even deserved to be in the AFL.
The power to win, 1997-2004
Port Adelaide entered history as the only non-Victorian team to join the AFL, unlike the other non-Victorian sides, who were either created from scratch, merged with a Victorian team, or relocated from Victoria as Sydney did. Port Adelaide is one of the oldest and proudest clubs in Australian Football history (in the AFL, only Melbourne, Geelong, Carlton and North Melbourne are older), and since their formation in 1870, have consistently been the strongest and most successful team in the SANFL. Their application to join the AFL was a key ingredient in the merger between Fitzroy and the Brisbane Bears, as the AFL desired a second team in Adelaide. Port Adelaide joined the AFL using a mix of players from other AFL clubs, South Australian zone selections, their own SANFL players, and concession draft picks. This allowed them to quickly cement themselves in the competition; from 1999-2007, they made finals each year (except 2000 and 2006).
The club became a dominant force in the early 2000s, but despite this, gained an infamous reputation for choking. In 2001, they finished 3rd with 16 wins, but went out in straight sets to eventual premier Brisbane and to Hawthorn. In 2002, they finished 1st with 18 wins, but lost their qualifying final to Collingwood, who had 13. They won their semi final against Essendon, but then lost their preliminary final against eventual premier Brisbane. In 2003 they finished 1st, again with 18 wins, but lost their qualifying final to Sydney, who had 14. They won their semi final against Essendon, but then lost their preliminary final against Collingwood.
The pressure was immense; seemingly the club had blown its chances to make the most out of its talented list, and it was possible that this amazing list would become a wasted opportunity. But in 2004, after finishing with its third consecutive minor premiership, they blew away the haters, and won their qualifying and preliminary finals (including a heart stopper against St Kilda), reaching the AFL Grand Final for the first time, but crushingly, without their captain Matthew Primus, who had sustained an ACL injury. Up against the threepeat Brisbane Lions, who were aiming for their fourth premiership in a row, the Power won decisively 17.11 (113) to 10.13 (73), finally throwing off the image of being chokers. In a famous display, Mark Williams choked himself with his necktie, proving that he was not a choker… by choking himself.
In 2001-2004, they had a record of 74-25, one premiership, and six finals losses. Compare this to Hawthorn in 2012-2015, who had a record of 80-21, three premierships, and two finals losses. So while they did win a premiership, and they indeed had the power to win, they didn’t have the power to win when it counted more often.
119 reasons why, 2005-2007
The club slumped in 2005, but still made finals, finishing 8th. Despite this slump, their form later in the year was much stronger than at the start, and this continued as they flogged the Kangaroos (as they were called at the time) 26.8 (164) to 11.11 (77) in Melbourne, to advance to the semi-finals, against their greatest rivals, the Adelaide Crows. Adelaide had finished top of the ladder, but had lost its qualifying final. The two South Australian teams prepared to face off in the Ultimate Showdown, a derby that had greater stakes than any previous game the two sides had played against each other before or since. The game started evenly, with Adelaide leading 4.7 (31) to 3.6 (24) at half-time but what had been an even first half quickly descended into a slaughter comparable to Order 66, as Adelaide outscored them by 76 points in the second half, defeating Port Adelaide 18.15 (123) to 5.10 (43).
The 2005 season was Primus’ last, and he retired, but stayed at the club as an assistant coach. The 2006 season was a disappointment, the club that had been strong for much of the 2000s finishing 12th. But the club had a resurgence in 2007, finishing 2nd with 15 wins, behind the juggernaut that was the 2007 Geelong Cats. Port Adelaide won a close qualifying final against West Coast, and blew away the Kangaroos in the preliminary final, and reached their second AFL grand final, up against Geelong.
Despite Geelong’s very strong season, there was good reason to be on the fence over who would be premiers. They had beaten each other once each in the home and away season, and both sides’ finals campaigns so far were similar; Geelong had flogged the Kangaroos in their qualifying final, but had a nailbiting close win against Collingwood in their preliminary final. The team Port Adelaide fielded had 9 of the players from their 2004 Premiership, as well as a mix of new players, including youngsters such as Justin Westhoff and Travis Boak, father-son Brett Ebert and dancing legend and umpiring hero David Rodan.
Port Adelaide raced to an early lead, and by race I mean they kicked two points, until a few minutes later the Cats kicked a point and a goal to get in front. With seven minutes to go in the first quarter, Shaun Burgoyne kicked a goal to bring Port Adelaide’s score to 2.2 (14), and the Power still looked to be in it. But fate had other ideas, and by the time they’d kicked their next score, a goal from Chad Cornes 25 minutes later, Geelong had scored 56 points, and weren’t going to be letting up.
The rest of the game was a humiliation, the greatest defeat a team has ever had in an AFL Grand Final, as Geelong were merciless, scoring 24.19 (163) to 6.8 (44), a final margin of 119 points. The huge margin was like a collective bout releasing pent-up frustration; Geelong hadn’t won a premiership since 1963, despite five attempts (in 1967, 1989, 1992, 1994 and 1995). Many felt that Port’s younger players couldn’t handle the scoreboard pressure, which only exacerbated things. Refusing to stop even though Port Adelaide were already dead, eleven of Geelong’s players kicked goals, with Cameron Mooney kicking five, in what commentator Tim Lane called “an orgy of Geelong goal kickers”. The game was a turning point in history, a real door that slides instead of using hinges moment; Port Adelaide went from a team to fear to a laughing stock for much of the next 13 years, while Geelong, a team that was a laughing stock after multiple lost grand finals and poor seasons, became a powerhouse and formed their 2007-2011 dynasty, one of the greatest teams ever assembled. Maybe if they’d kept cat killer and unlikely bulky hero Stewey Dew they’d have had a chance, but who knows?
Never tear up our tarps, 2008-2010
Port Adelaide lingered around in 2008-2009, never threatening, but did gain numerous draft picks via trading out Shaun Burgoyne to Hawthorn. Burgoyne, 27 at the time, was having knee troubles, and the fact that Hawthorn gave up Pick 9 as part of the deal looked absurd; what is truly absurd is the fact that as of the 2020 season, Burgoyne is still playing aged 37, and has played more games and won more premierships at Hawthorn than at Port Adelaide. The 2009 off-season was painful for another reason, as Brendon Lade and Peter Burgoyne, the last players from Port Adelaide’s inaugural AFL squad, retired.
By 2009, the club had acquired a debt of $5.1 million, and was unable to pay its players. They were denied financial assistance by the AFL, but would later get a $1 million loan from them, and a further $2.5 million debt relief from the SANFL, who owned their licence. With declining crowds at Football Park, Adelaide’s equivalent of Waverley Park, Port Adelaide was reduced to covering vast numbers of empty seats with tarpaulin. While their press release in 2010 claimed that such a move was pioneering and encouraged by global trends, it was just another sign of a club that was in laughable condition and not having an appealing product for their fans and supporters; a club that had won 36 SANFL Premierships could barely get bums on seats. Few were sad when they were eventually put away for good.
By round 15 2010, with a record of 5-10, Mark Williams was sacked, and Matthew Primus became caretaker coach. Primus had been a good on-field leader, most obvious with his time as Captain. Primus was expected by many to only serve as a temporary caretaker until a more experienced coach was found, but he won five out of seven games, and was given a two year contract; among the coaches interviewed for the job was Chris Scott, who the very next year would win a Premiership in his first season as Geelong’s coach, and has since kept Geelong as consistent finalists.
Port Adelaide had a tradition of only taking on players from the club as coaches, going back to 1949 when Fos Williams crossed over from West Adelaide. Since then Geof Motley played for Port, John Cahill played for Port, Russel Ebert played for Port, and Mark Williams (son of Fos) played for Port, as did Mark’s brother Stephen, who was their first SANFL coach after they joined the AFL. The point is, Port Adelaide was still trying to be steeped in tradition, something becoming increasingly harder to do in the cutthroat professional sports industry.
Kane Cornes, by now one of the oldest players in the group, said that he felt confident going into the 2011 season, as they had gained plenty of kids, and seemed to be heading into a bright future; unfortunately, the bright lights by have well been coming from a freight train.
Bye bye dignity, 2011-2012
Primus had played with the older players on the list, and knew the others from his time as an assistant. He was therefore not the boss, but one of the boys. And in his attempts to not dog the boys, he took things too easily in his first pre-season as coach. A pre-season trip to the Gold Coast had just one serious training session, the rest of the trip being like a sight-seeing holiday. Compare this to Hawthorn marching the Kokoda track and Gold Coast hiking through Middle-Earth and the difference is clear as day.
Due to Gold Coast entering the competition, there were 17 teams, so each round had at least one bye. Gold Coast, who were terrible for other reasons, would be referred to the “the second bye”, due to giving their opponent a free win or two. However, they didn’t account for Port Adelaide. Port Adelaide would suffer the indignity of the first team to lose to Gold Coast, a team who in 2011 had three wins and a percentage of 56.3. The defeat in turn spawned possibly the greatest AFL meme ever made, Port Adelaide v The Bye, a video that will always be funny regardless of how good or bad Port Adelaide actually are. It is a perfect historical document, summarising just how poorly performing they were in 2011. Port Adelaide also finished the season with three wins, but ahead of Gold Coast on percentage. Port Adelaide’s performance was the second most cancerous thing in the 2011 season, behind the substitute rule, which no-one wanted and would be retracted in a few years. The season was statistically the worst they’d had in 141 years, and in round 20, lost to Collingwood by a record margin of 138 points. But this record was short-lived, and Hawthorn would beat them by 165 points the next week.
CEO Mark Hatsman and President Brett Duncanson disliked some of the older players, even though Kane Cornes had recently signed a three-year contract extension on good money, and having played nearly 200 games in a row. Primus was under directives to play the kids, which led to a group of players called the Forgotten Seven (Daniel Motlop, Jacob Surjan, Brett Ebert, Danyle Pearce, Steven Salopek and Chad and Kane Kornes). The result was multiple younger players playing games that they weren’t ready for, at the expense of older players who could already contribute. Despite this directive to play kids, the talk in the pre-season was about returning to finals, presumably based on their late 2010 performances under Primus.
Primus was unable to have the direct, upfront conversations he needed to have as the senior coach of an AFL team. When dropping players such as Kane Cornes or Danyle Pearce, he wouldn’t tell them they were being dropped; he’d tell them they were being “rested”. Reflecting being dropped the way he was, Kane Cornes stated “I think the plan was almost to humiliate me out of wearing the Port jumper and force me to walk away.”
By the end of the 2011 season, things were already becoming even more dysfunctional. Keith Thomas, recently made chief executive, overruled Primus and the rest of the board, who wanted Kane Cornes sacked from the club and his contract paid out. But the club finances couldn’t afford dumping him and paying him the $900,000 he was owed, so the club had a talented old player playing in the SANFL far more then he should, playing at a club whose coach didn’t want him. Dean Brogan and Chad Cornes would be traded to GWS, where they acted as mentors to their mostly youthful squad, a role they easily could have fulfilled at Port Adelaide.
But wait, there’s more!
Some good news finally came at the end of the year, as the AFL and SANFL worked out a plan to give the SANFL control over Port Adelaide, underwrite huge amounts of their debt, and prepare to move their home games to a refurbished Adelaide Oval, a much better, more modern, and centrally located stadium than Football Park. Port Adelaide would be given $3 million a year, per year, for three years.
The 2012 season started off okay, and despite multiple poor results, things seemed like they wouldn’t be changing too much the next year. But in round 19, they went up against the Greater Western Sydney Giants, who like Gold Coast the year before, were playing in the first ever season, and were performing terribly; their record at this point was 1-16, compared to Port’s 5-12. All but assured of a contract extension, Primus and Duncanson’s reigns fell apart to a team of 18-year-olds and a few old boys, losing 16.11 (107) to 10.13 (73).; they had given Gold Coast their first ever win, and GWS their second. This was a GWS that finished the year with a record of 2-20 and a percentage of 46.2. The board announced the next day that Duncanson and Primus would not be at the club the next year, and Primus immediately stood down, replaced by Garry Hocking as a caretaker coach. In their next four games, they had a draw and three losses, and seemed to be beyond hopeless, before Ken Hinkley was brought in as coach for the 2013 season, the first coach hire from outside Port Adelaide since 1949.
Are we a good team?, 2013-2019
Defying all expectations, the club had a much better season in 2013, with a new strategy from Hinkley, a better coaching structure (including coaches who were actually in Adelaide) and a new emphasis on fitness and hard running. The club returned to finals, finishing 7th, a far cry from their poor performances in recent times. 2013 also saw the club merge with the Port Adelaide Magpies team in the SANFL. When Port Adelaide joined the AFL, the intention was always to leave the SANFL, but a new Port Adelaide Team, disconnected with the Port Adelaide in the AFL, was created to help draw crowds. The two teams were distinct, and the Magpies could no longer play at their traditional home ground of Alberton Oval. The merger meant the like teams from other states, that Port Adelaide would have its own reserves team, and play its AFL players there instead of splitting them up across the SANFL. The move was highly applauded by fans, and led to the possibly endearing, possibly cringy use of Never Tear Us Apart at their games, even though New Sensation is a much better INXS song. Feeling confident of their finals chances, they traded their first pick as part of a deal for wingman Jared Polec.
The move from Football Park to Adelaide Oval, the change in off-field staff, better resources, the merger with their SANFL team, and better results led to a resurgence at the club. The club did much better in 2014, making it all the way to the Preliminary Final, only to lose to eventual premiers Hawthorn. Their time since then has been spotty to say the least.
The club wanted to trade in a forward who could ruck in order to partner with Matthew Lobbe; they ended up paying their first and second round picks in a trade for Paddy Ryder from Essendon, who ended up being more of a ruckman who occasionally plays forward. The trade failed to help the club, who went from hot stuff in 2014, to just missing the finals, placing 9th in 2015 with a record of 12-10. Two of their losses were against bottom 2 Brisbane and Carlton, costing them dearly. The club tried trading hard again, giving up their first pick in a deal for tall forward Charlie Dixon from Gold Coast. However they once again just missed finals, finishing 10th with a record of 10-12, with Paddy Ryder and Angus Monfries being suspended for the season due to the Essendon supplements saga. Lobbe, their other main ruckman, was injured for most of the season, and recent recruit Dougal Howard did his ACL while rucking for them. Their main forward Jay Schulz succumbed to age, and Charlie Dixon failed to deliver consistent results. Unlike the previous few drafts, they emphasised drafting youth in 2016, and traded their future first round pick to help do so, and ended up with picks 16 (Todd Marshall), 18 (Sam Powell-Pepper), 32 (Joe Atley) and 33 (Willem Drew) in the first 2 rounds of the draft.
Port Adelaide returned to finals in 2017, with Polec, Dixon and Ryder on fire, and finished 5th. Despite this, their strong record had a poor trend; against teams that didn’t make finals, they had 12 wins and 1 loss (against Melbourne, who finished 9th), but against teams that did make finals, they had 2 wins (against Sydney, who lost their first six games due to injury and poor form, and West Coast, who finished 8th) and 7 losses. This inability to defeat top 8 teams would prove cruelly true in their elimination final. West Coast, who as the 8th place team was the weakest finalist that year, got a big lead early but Port was able to level the scores. In the last minute of the fourth quarter, their last shot to get in front was blocked by Eric MacKenzie in the greatest defensive spoil I have ever seen, literally crashing into the behind post to get the ball out of bounds without rushing a behind, not that Baz felt it was worth mentioning. The siren went with scores level, so for the third time in AFL finals history, a game went to extra time. Port stormed in front (get it, like a lightning bolt?), but it all came to naught as Luke Shuey, who may or may not have shrugged a tackle to win an underserving free kick, kicked a goal after the siren, sending West Coast through the to the Semi Finals, and Port Adelaide crashing in a heap after one of the most remarkable games in Australian football history.
In the off-season, the club faced two challenges; lacking a first round pick due to trading it the previous year, they traded their second pick for Jack Watts, and stocked up on free agents Tom Rockliff, Steven Motlop, Trent Mackenzie and Jack Trengove. You see, its really funny because Watt is a unit of measurement of power, and Power is the name used by Port Adelaide in the AFL. That’s why its so funny. The other challenge was that multiple fringe players requested to leave the club, including Matthew Lobbe, who had been squeezed out by Ryder and Dixon, Brendon Ah Chee, Jarman Impey, Aaron Young, Logan Austin and Jackson Trengove all left, with Trengove and Impey’s departures in particular stinging.
In 2018 they started strong, winning 11 of their first 15 games. But then Port did what Port does, and they won just 1 of their next 7, finishing 10th with a record of 12-10. This included another after-the-siren loss to West Coast. In 2019, they finished 10th again, with a record of 11-11. But in these seasons, they defied their recruitment trends for much of the 2010s. The club traded out multiple best 22 players, including Paddy Ryder, Dougal Howard, Jared Polec, Chad Wingard and Jasper Pittard in order to draft talented juniors who were ready-made for AFL football. They drafted three players in the top 30 in 2018 (Conner Rozee, Zak Butters and Xavier Duursma) and another four in the top 30 in 2019 (Miles Bergman, Mitch Georgiades, Dylan Williams and Jackson Meade). Port had the least games played by 24-27 year-olds of any club in 2019. These kids are some of the most exciting in the competition, but their recruitment was taken by many as a sign that the club, which had recently been pushing hard for finals, was trying to enact a youth policy again, with the only big recruit from another club being free agent Scott Lycett. Only time can tell.
150 years young, in summary
Port Adelaide was a strong team in the 2000s, despite their choking at critical moments, and won a well-deserved premiership in 2004, but the combination of aging stars, a terrible club culture, mismanagement from the board, a lack of resources, and financial difficulty led to the club stagnating and enduring a period of poor performances rarely seen in the history of the modern AFL. In 2011-2012, the years under Matthew Primus, the club had a record of 8-35-1, endured their worst ever loss twice in two weeks, and seemed like a basket case with no hope. If it weren't for the entrance of Gold Coast and GWS in this time, they likely would have "won" back-to-back wooden spoons.
Despite this, a new chairman, board, president, home ground and reserves alignment helped the club immensely, and returned to be a mid-tier, sometimes finalist, team. What Port Adelaide did in 2013-2014 is remarkable, and in another universe, led to an amazing 2014 premiership. Instead, the club has been disappointing, finishing 9th, 10th, 5th, 10th and 10th since their last finals win in 2014. The club traded its first round picks in 2013-2015 to trade in Jared Polec, Paddy Ryder and Charlie Dixon. Then in 2016, they traded their future first, and made a series of trades to draft multiple players early in the draft. In 2017, with no first round pick, they targeted free agents, and traded in Jack Watts. This inconsistent drafting and recruitment strategy showed a club that couldn’t make up its mind; do they want kids for the future, or developed players for a flag push?
There is also immense pressure from Port Adelaide’s supporters to do something about Ken Hinkley. The coach who nearly pulled off a miraculous 2014 Premiership has instead brought the team to several years of mediocrity, sometimes being good, sometimes being bad, and only making finals once since. The “Sank Hinkley” topic is currently on its third thread on bigfooty, which started in May 2019, currently has 957 combined pages as of the writing of this article.
One of Port Adelaide’s many longstanding traditions was that the captain always wears the number 1 guersey, which dates back to Clifford Keal in 1924. However in 2019, the club had two co-captains intead, with Tom Jonas wearing number 42, and Ollie Wines wearing number 16. Flames of supporter anger over this break in tradition was further fanned by Wines dislocating his shoulder in a pre-season waterskiiing accident, and Jonas became the sole captain, wearing number 1, for the 2020 season.
Port Adelaide announced its 150th anniversary celebrations for 2020, an immense accomplishment, but they found ways to make it lolworthy; they announced a new logo that may have been ripped off and new beanies with the date wrong (they were formed in 1870, not 1820). Things may be uncertain, and it is yet to be seen if Port can improve themselves from here, but something that is certain is that Port Adelaide is a proud, traditional club with a rich history, and passionate loyal supporters. But also one that is occasionally very funny by accident.
I hope people enjoyed this AFL Collapse. I'm keen on possibly writing more, such as St Kilda's collapse after the 2010 grand final, and Sydney in the late 1980s. I also want to know if there's anything innaccurate in the post, or anything I missed that would be useful information to have. I've also written collapse articles on Brisbane after their threepeat, Essendon after the 2001 Grand Final, and Carlton after the 2012 season.
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2020.02.08 01:24 AllNamesAreTaken86 Open Date on Collections Account Changed - Innaccurate

Hi, I'm wondering if it's normal or allowed for a collections company to change the date in which the account was opened? In doing so, are they trying to prolong the amount of time this will stay on my report?
I have a medical bill that went into collections back in 2016. Around June of 2019 it was suddenly removed from my credit report. I was not in contact with them and have yet to make any payments on it. Then, a few months later it was placed back on my report with an open date of September 2019. Same collections company, same debt. So, it seems the only reason they initially removed it was to change the open date from 2016 to 2019.
Does that make it show as a brand new collections (even though it isn't), thus having a greater impact on my report than it did prior? Or, am I reading into this the wrong way?
Either way, I'm ready to get this off of my account and pay the bill in full. Hoping for a pay to remove agreement. But, if they're already using under-handed tactics I really need to make sure I approach this the right way. So, what's my best course of action to pay this off and ensure it doesn't get added again? Alternatively, if what they did is not allowed, could I file a dispute and have it removed that way? To be clear, I take full responsibility for the bill, just the open/origin date is incorrect.
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2019.12.15 00:57 RacingFan4Life Why is being a virgin bad?

People litterally make fun of me cuz i dont wanna date in uni and that i dont wanna lose my v card till marraige. I dont understand why. Mods if the flair is innaccurate let me know
EDIT: I have nothing wrong people losing their v card before marraige
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2019.03.31 09:36 verysad1997 Do I deserve love?

Being a guy with a mental disorder, I try to formalize things a lot within my head to locate the source of my problem. Obviously, it all begins in the brain chemistry and years of learned helplessness, but by thinking logically as possible, a lot of times I can rationalize the issue and calm down.
But love always makes me sad because its something I cannot rationalize. People always say to me "you have to be mentally healthy yourself to find others", but I sense a lot of falsehoods in this. Before I rant further however, I must make few disclaimers.
1) I'm not an incel. I love women and believe that they have rights. Women have been oppressed for long and to a certain degree they still are. I also don't think sex the best thing in the world ( because I'm bad at it )
2) Mentally healthy people do maintain their relationships longer.
3) Even though I am depressed and salty I do recognize that it is my emotion and is an innaccurate representation of the world. But the sadness is sometimes really intoxicating even with that realization.
Sometimes I wonder if I would feel better if there were someone with me that cares about me.
Frequent answers to this question is that "there are people who care about you already". But there are a lot of friends who prioritize their SOs before anything. I have never been priotized within this context. Perhaps I am just a spoiled brat. I do want to feel that feeling of... seeing someone everyday...
People also mention that love doesn't solve everything. And yes I do recognize that, because I've seen some of my male friends turn their SOs in to therapists and its really bad. But man, I am not expecting it to solve everything. I just want to talk about this stuff thats in my mind. Or my problems. Its not that I can't handle most of my problems or would rant 24/7 about my problems, I am just merely suggesting that it would be helpful if I were able to tell this to someone that would listen to me not ont reddit.
People also tell me to lower my standards. That, I think I find largely problematic. I know that I'm being a huge hypocrite. But its not something I cannot control and I fucking hate myself for it. Ofcourse I want to love people equally and give people equal chances. But man, some people are so pretty and some people aren't, and I don't want to see the world like this.
I started working out which was good but people care about face/race more than the body, which unsurprisingly I do as well ( I'm garbage ).
All in all, I think I would feel so much better if I had an SO, but feel like voicing that out in itself as a cry of desperation makes it so much harder to get one. I am genuinely lonely and I try not to lust over people. I tend to think that I'm just really unlucky.
I've never dated for 22 years of my life and sometimes it gets to me that I might just stay this way forever. But what's worse is that I might never escape this horrible feeling of lonliness that haunts me, makes me quiver in literal fear. Even if I do well in school and find success in my work, this is something that will never be solved...
P.s. It also never fucking gets to me how some people go in and out of dating so fucking easily. What is unsurprising is that they are all attractive but why date in the first place if they don't value each other? smh
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2018.12.25 04:35 alec_mc PCMR Tech Gurus - Am I experiencing VRM / Voltage thermaling

Heyo PCMR -Long time lurker and member of the PCMR. (Everquest 1999, them Kunark days...miss those)
Despite my years with a PC I need a little help with understanding whats going on via HWINFO64 screenshot. The min/max/average timer ran for just over an hour (the last hour was me typing this) while playing CS:GO. I switched from MMO's to FPS games about a year ago and with that of course comes the inevitable, "Am I getting the best FPS I can out of my machine? What about latency etc.." This is where I need your help. I will try to make this as quick and easy on the eyes as possible.
Game in Question: - CSGO
Preface: Rig specs are dated - but not Jurassic. Well I guess in PC world they maybe. Keep in mind I am only playing CS:GO (about the only game I have time for these days) and I am not asking much out of it. Certainly not attempting to push highest quality out of the latest and greatest games. Medium textures, 1400x1050 4:3 resolution - Even at all settings low/scaling down the resolution to say 1280x1024 has no change in effect. (I understand the game is more CPU intensive and these settings would be graphical - however parts list below)
Specs - Remember I am just trying to understand not requesting bigger and better performance out of dated parts - I understand my limitations
Imgur screenie of hwinfo from the session
Proposed questions
If you made it this far, thank you. I really appreciate your time if you happen to respond. I am just trying to understand my readouts so that I can better understand whats going on with my machine. I know the parts are dated, now that I am dedicated to the FPS category I plan on building a new rig with the holiday sales.
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2018.03.27 20:12 Thrillho_VanHouten Zinc deficiency - If Zinc inhibits the growth of Malassezia, isn't it logical to assume people with Seb Derm are Zinc deficient?

EDIT: I am not a medical profesional. Seek professional medical advice before changing your diet or lifestyle.
It's a fact that Zinc inhibits the growth of yeasts and fungus within the body as well as perform other functions. It's also a fact that it inhibits the growth of Malassezia yeast.
I previously posted about Vitamin D and this is linked to Zinc as Vitamin D is required to metabolize Zinc. If you are Vitamin D deficient then you are most certainly Zinc deficient. It could explain why simply reversing Vitamin D deficiency didn't reverse Seb Derm in those who reversed it.
You're probably wondering why something so obvious hasn't been reported yet if it's true. There's a simple answer for this: Zinc testing is innaccurate. In fact, it's so innaccurate that doctors practice a highly subjective "taste test" on patients. According to one study: "To date, there are no tests that are both sensitive and specific that accurately assess marginal zinc status in humans" and another study: "serum zinc is not a reliable bio-marker for zinc status".
Therefore, isn't it logical to assume that we with Seb Derm must have some sort of Zinc deficiency and we don't know because there's no real test available?
The accuracy of the Zinc Taste Test method (
Use of serum zinc concentration as an indicator of population zinc status (
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2018.03.02 07:34 ijustreallylikebway The ring conspiracy

Okay for reals tho what do you guys think the ring/proposal was ab today. I know Jen and John aren’t dating and it obvs wasn’t them and it doesn’t seem like John and his gf have been dating long enough for it to be them (judging by insta which could be innaccurate). But looking at it it really seems like something was supposed to happen, bw John trying to micromanage who chose which ball and pretty much saying it went wrong. Also it was obviously a real ring and why would they use that for a random more game. He also just seemed kinda sad after. But I’m not sure why someone would plan something wo telling Rhett and link or why he wouldn’t stop link. Not sure if I’m making something out of nothing but it just seems sus to me.
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2018.01.09 08:13 Natusvictus 1300 Game review

Played the Sicilian defense in a long 30 min game for the first time.
[Event "Live Chess"] [Site ""] [Date "2018.01.09"] [Round "?"] [White "treadstone44"] [Black "Gibsohn"] [Result "0-1"] [WhiteElo "1331"] [BlackElo "1328"] [PlyCount "84"] [EventDate "2018.??.??"] [TimeControl "1800"]
  1. e4 c5 {First long game so I decided to play the Sicilian defense, with little prior knowledge/experience.}
  2. d4 cxd4
  3. Nf3 Nc6
  4. Bc4 d6 {On reflection d6 doesn't look as good as other moves (g6 mainly, if Nf6 then e5.)}
  5. Ng5 e6 {Defensive move, didn't want to play Nh6. Interesting idea was to play b5, after Bxb5, then Qd5+ and I win the bishop.}
  6. Qf3 Nf6
  7. O-O Ne5 {Ne5 and Bf7 were candidate moves. I decided to delay castling and capture his light squared bishop.}
  8. Qe2 Nxc4
  9. Qxc4 Be7
  10. h3 O-O
  11. Qxd4 b6 {It was never my intention to defend my d4 pawn, as i thought this would tangle my centre pawns. I continued with my plan to fianchetto my bishop and put my rook on the c file.}
  12. Nc3 Bb7
  13. Re1 Rc8
  14. Be3 Qd7 {Might be able to capture his knight on g5 after I move my knight away but I thought this was hope chess as it could easily be seen and I would weaken my position after moving my knight away. This is the point in the game where I ran out of ideas and my opponent started to dictate the game. Qd7 was most definitely innaccurate but as I said, I ran out of ideas.}
  15. e5 Ne8
  16. exd6 Nxd6
  17. Nce4 Rfd8
  18. Nxd6 Qxd6
  19. Qxd6 Bxd6
  20. c3 Be7 {Wanted to put my bishop on f6.}
  21. Rad1 Bf6
  22. Rxd8+ Rxd8
  23. Nf3 h6 {Gives king an escape square.}
  24. Nd4 Rd5 {Wanted to attack his queenside pawn chain.}
  25. Nc2 Rb5
  26. Bd4 {Blunder by my opponent, each continuation led to a material advantage.} Bxd4
  27. Nxd4 Rxb2
  28. Re2 Rb1+
  29. Kh2 Rc1
  30. Rc2 Rxc2 {He was insistent on exchanging rooks, and I didn't see anything better, so I obliged.}
  31. Nxc2 Kf8 {Activating my king.}
  32. g4 Ke7
  33. Kg3 Kd6
  34. Kf4 Kc5
  35. Ke3 g5 {If his king tried to defend c3 my bishop could go to g2 and win a free pawn.}
  36. a4 Kc4
  37. f4 f6
  38. Nd4 Bd5 {Defend pawn on e6.}
  39. Nb5 a6 40. Nc7 b5 {If he takes on a6 then I get a runaway pawn on the a file.}
  40. axb5 axb5
  41. Kd2 gxf4 {game_result.won_by_resignation} 0-1
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2017.03.11 10:09 c0mmandhat Old Roblox Players: Welcome Back! Here's what you missed...

We've seen a number of people who used to play Roblox coming back to check out the new look (since a rebrand of a game that you used to play means things have changed!). Weekly updates are still a thing that happens, so there's often a lot for a returning player to catch up on. This thread will attempt to give a brief summary of the most important changes to the game from last year that returning players should know about, in order to catch them up on big changes to mechanics they were familiar with, and show them new stuff to check out.
As of...

(At some point in the future)

March 11, 2017 -- Parental Controls debacle ends

March 1, 2017

February 28, 2017

February 1, 2017

January 26, 2017 -- Parental Controls debacle begins

January 12, 2017

January 5, 2017

January 1, 2017

November 30, 2016

November 18, 2016

November 11, 2016

October 27, 2016

October 13, 2016

October 1, 2016 -- "Developer QoL period" ends

July 28, 2016

July 21, 2016

July 15, 2016 -- "Developer QoL period" begins

June 30, 2016

June 9, 2016

End of last year's developer log

Phew, that's a lot, and we're even missing multiple months from the list! Hopefully we'll continue to see more support and more features from ROBLOX in 2017.
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2017.03.06 19:14 k0rny (AZ) First time home buyer - Negotiating repairs

Seller accepted my offer which was basically asking price (1k under appraised value) plus 2.5% seller concessions. Inspection found a few concerning problems but the seller agreed to repair some of the important ones after some negotiation via email.
However, he returned the BINSR with incomplete and innaccurate information. He didn't include the right buyer name and dates nor did he include all of the problems he agreed to fix from our negotiation. Signing this document moves the process on but I don't want to sign it until it's complete and correct. Can he send a corrected version?
We emailed him about this and it's been a few days (the weekend really) with no response. I did find out that he owns his own real estate company, so maybe it's just a mistake? Does this sound sketchy to anyone?
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2016.12.22 01:38 unsomnambulist Laying out the possible case against Cameron Gamble using facts and evidence at hand, including motive

MAJOR NOTE: The below scenario has been updated to reflect that a key miscommunication from the local media totally sunk the crux of this theory. In a nutshell, a local paper reported that a letter they were sent prior to Cameron Gamble becoming involved in the investigation was the same as a later one that referenced a hostage negotiator like CG. This appears to not have been the case at all, and false reporting by the paper (which they later altered without explanation or acknowledgement).
Cameron Gamble may simply be piss poor at PR and marketing, may simply have tried to use his involvement in the case as an opportunity to bolster his resume and credentials as a kidnap/hostage scenario consultant.
However fair or not, many in the Reddit community and elsewhere speculate he's involved in Sherri Papini's disappearance.
Below is a timeline of how the case transpired, based on news reports and public info, of Gamble's involvement and possibly a motive.
July 2012: An email sent to the Project Taken mailing list details how Cameron Gamble uprooted his family and driving 2000 miles to Kansas City to assist a church that had just girl who had been saved fro "the horrific sex-trafficking industry." As a result of claims made by the girl, the church believed they were under attack and were being tracked and threatened by the people the girl was rescued from. Gamble says he asked for the FBI to be called off, and was doing all of this because God was telling him to. After interviewing the girl, he discovered she had lied and made the whole thing up, but that this was God's way.
9/14/2015: Cameron Gamble calls Shasta Sheriffs to report neighbors "shooting excessively" near his Oak Run home.
2/8/2016: Linda King calls Shasta County Sherrifs reporting Lonnie Slack is being circled by and possibly being attacked by two dogs "Anatolean Shepheards". Address is next to Cameron Gamble's Oak Run property.
7/11/2016: Complaint filed in Shasta County Courts, Lonnie Slack v. Cameron Gamble, Jennifer Gamble, and Eric Roles and the Role Company. Summons are served by mail. No online detail provided as to what the lawsuit is about, just court dates. A court trial date is scheduled for 6/13/17.
8/8/2016: Linda King called Shasta Sheriffs to report their neighbor locked the gate to their easement, threatened her, and called a 12 year old girl names.
9/29/2016: Cameron Gamble calls Shasta Sheriffs to complain someone keeps opening the gate of his Oak Run property and letting his cows out. Listed as a suspect: Linda King.
10/20/2016: From Jennifer Gamble blog entry: "Where we've been for the past 10 months and it has been beyond hard. Painful. Devastating even." 9 1/2 months prior was Linda King's call about the dog attack on Lonnie Slack.
THEORY: If the dogs that allegedly attacked Slack were Gamble's, its possible this is what Slack is suing Gamble over. Regardless, the case is going to jury trial, which can easily run into the six figures for lawyer and court fees. If Slack is willing to go this far, the amount in damages or settlement he's hoping to get from Gamble will be above and beyond this amount.
Regardless, Gamble needs money. Per his wife's blog, something is transpiring that is putting them under a lot of pressure. This lawsuit would add a lot of pressure, financially. To mount a defense will cost a lot of money someone will need to find quickly.
11/2/2016: Sherri Papini reported missing by her husband at 5:51pm. He says he received a text from her at 10:37am. She had been last seen by a witnesses at 11am and 2pm.
11/3/2016: Police begin search and investigation.
11/4/2016: Secret Witness announces a $10,000 reward for info leading to SP's return.
11/5/2016: The Papini family adds $40,000 to the Secret Witness reward, bringing the reward to $50,000.
11/6/2016: KRCR receives a letter addressed to SP's kidnappers in an email from [email protected], offering the kidnappers no specified amount, but "willing to pay you whatever way you can creatively think about where you feel safe and where nothing can be tracked to you." The anonymous source told KRCR they were willing to provide proof that they had that kind of money available and were willing to release bank statements showing such. The article also says this was the same letter that was posted online on 11/17, and refers to the donor using the services of an international hostage negotiator. (KRCR was unable to confirm the letter was from a legitimate source, and chose not to make the letter public at that time. According to a 12/21 comment on the Project Taken FB page, these were different letters and the first one did not mention a ransom negotiator - waiting to confirm) KRCR TV later changed their article to read that they received "a similar letter." No explanation was given for why this phrasing was changed, or gave any special notice to the alteration. Additionally, the letter they were sent - this one - has some major differences, so calling it "similar" is arguably VERY innaccurate.
11/7/2016: An unknown person, deemed the AD or Anonymous Donor, registers ??? At some point between SP's disappearance and 11/8, Lisa Jeter says she was connected to the Anonymous Donor by a friend on Facebook.
11/8/2016: Jeter contacts K. Papini about the AD's offer of help. Papini says he'll consider. Jeter says he doesn't get back to her for six days.
11/14/2016 K. Papini follows up with Jeter about the AD.
??? At some point after KP follows up with Jeter, Jeter connects K. Papini with the Anonymous Donor, who says needs a middleman. Lisa Jeter says she then connect Keith Papini with C. Gamble. They talk.
11/17/2016: The AD posts the "reverse ransom" letter previously sent to KRCR on the domain offering an unspecified amount of money to SP's abductors for her safe return, and that "once I (the AD) leave town this offer is off the table." The AD describes themselves as "a visitor in Redding" and says that a "hired negotiator (who) has negotiated releases all over the world" will be the middleman. Record Searchlight reports on this day: "Papini’s sister, Sheila Koester, said she had no knowledge about the letter and that the Papini family members had no association with the website." That evening Cameron Gamble appears in a video posted to the site reciting the letter nearly verbatim.
11/22/2016: On Facebook, Rod Rodriguez, the long-term boyfriend of Keith Papini's mother, says that the AD's reward will be turned into a bounty on the kidnappers head if SP is not returned before and giving with a deadline of 5pm, Wednesday, November 23. CG reiterates this, and states that the reward is in the 6 figures.
11/23/2016: After the deadline passes (three weeks to the hour of KP discovering SP was missing), CG announces that the reward for her safe return is now a bounty for the arrest of her kidnappers.
11/24/2016: SP is spotted by a passing motorist at 4:30am in Yolo, 150 miles south of Redding. She is described as having bruises on her face and a broken nose, her hair cut, and a chain or restraint around her waist, and "branded" with a "message."
Over the next few days, the local sherrif announces that the two suspects are "two Hispanic women with a handgun driving in a dark-colored SUV... One is younger, with long curly hair, thin eyebrows, pierced ears and a thick Spanish accent. The other woman is older with straight black and gray hair and thick eyebrows."
11/30/2016: Cameron Gamble, in an interview with KRCR News Channel 7, says "history was made" with this case and speaks about Redding serving as a test case for a model that can be duplicated on other abduction cases.
12/5/2016: C. Gamble tells MSNBC he was out of town for most of SP's abduction, says he was just brought in by a family friend to give his thoughts on the case. He says Keith came to him with idea of ransom for kidnappers.
12/8/2016: After a Daily Beast article appeared questioning Gamble's credentials appeared (they wrote Gamble didn't respond to interview requests), Gamble told the Redding Record-Searchlight about the case, "I didn't eat for two weeks, I didn't sleep for two weeks, I was irritable. It was not fun," he said. "You can't do this to this extreme all the time. It will kill you."
FACT: Gamble claims he didn't become involved until he was asked by Keith, but also claims he's the international hostage negotiator employed by the Anonymous Donor, who was referenced in the letter KRCR says was sent to them on 11/6, more than a week before Keith Papini agreed to take the AD up on his offer, and before Lisa Jeter said she reached out to Gamble to help.
FACT: Lisa Jeter knew Sherri Papini well -- SP used to babysit her kids. Jeter claims she only recalled Cameron Gamble from hearing him speak about kidnap/hostage situations years prior, and was responsible for connecting the AD to Gamble after speaking with Keith, but the letter saying the AD was working with an international hostage negotiator was sent to KRCR before she says she contacted Keith Papini.
THEORY: Cameron Gamble certainly has thought a lot about the ins and outs of kidnapping and hostage situations. In July of 2017 he's hit with a lawsuit that will likely cost him a lot of money even to stage a defense. He conspires with at least one other person to kidnap Sherri Papini (possibly with her consent as the additional conspirator). He's built an alibi of some sort that he'll be out of town, so he can hide and take care of the kidnap victim. He sends KRCR a letter hoping they'll post online from an "anonymous donor" who have employed a "kidnapping expert," and awaits a phone call where he'll say he's the kidnapping expert, making it look like the media and others called and reached out to him, and eventually "secure" SP's release -- alas, KRCR doesn't take the bait, and Gamble doesn't know how to react. Gamble possibly nudges Jeter to ask Keith Papini to take up the torch. A week later, the letter is posted online and Gamble appears online in a video reading the letter. Perhaps Gamble hopes for more donors to step up and offer to add to the reverse ransom pool, but it never happens. Seeing that he's stretched the act as far as he can, Gamble plays a dramatic move based on the movie "Ransom" and says the reward will now be used for a bounty on the kidnapper heads. Less than a day later, Sherri Papini is discovered 2 hours away... Gamble takes credit for his tactics releasing her, possibly hoping to use the infamy for a reality show and a paycheck, or possibly hoping he'll obtain some portion of the Secret Witness reward.

Anyway, I know this is crazy long, but I tried to break it up so at least the timeline itself is useful without any theories. (if any facts or details are incorrect, please let me know and I'll adjust).
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2016.11.07 18:40 Cheesysocks Do event handlers work the way I think they work?

Sorry if this is long, I'm trying to work this out in my head as I go. I'm working my way through the Head First Java book, (2nd edition, may be a bit out of date?) and they're trying to explain Listeners. Page 360.
As far as I can tell, the way a Java app runs seems to be a bit like this...
Java Virtual Machine is called by the Operating System, which then loads and runs the bytecode created by you knowledgeable people.
It starts by putting the frame containing the addresses for the Main Method and any instance variables on the stack.
The CPU works it's way through the main method code creating an object (or several). Lets say a JFrame and some widgets.
The CPU then finds calls to methods of these objects, which also have their frames put on the stack. This way the stack keeps building with the CPU working on the code at the top of the stack.
Eventually it creates an object that needs a listener. So somewhere in the code a class finally implements ActionListener. An instance of that is created somewhere on the heap.
Now, the CPU keeps on rolling along, adding and removing methods to/from the stack, calculating things, working. The ActionListener code now seems to be BURIED someway down the stack with the CPU working on the addresses at the TOP of the stack.
This is where I am getting lost. If that's the case, how does a Listener get CPU time to do it's job?
I ASSUME (The mother of all fuck ups) that somewhere in the JVM something periodically pauses the program flow, puts the Listener into the CPU's workload, looks for events from the operating system, and then returns. Am I right, or even close? I've searched for explanations but all I can find are tutorials similar to page 360.
Can anyone correct me where I have gone wrong? I'm sure it will be 95% innaccurate? :) If I can get it into my head HOW a Listener works than I will find it easier to know where in my code to put them.
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2016.10.26 17:28 Teesh13 Latest info regarding The Headphone - All aboard the hype train!

So in anticipation of The Headphone model being released (still scheduled for Nov as of 10/24 tweet) I've been looking for any more information I can find regarding The Headphone that is not clearly explained on the main site. The following points were all determined from Bragi's twitter page & associated comments over the past month or so.
The Case: The case that comes with The Headphone does not have an integrated battery therefore cannot charge the buds while they are in your pocket. Instead, the case acts more as a charging dock. The headphones are held in place with a magnet and a seperate USB cable is included which is used to connect the case to a charger. The Dash's charging case will not be compatible with The Headphone.
Future Battery Case?: At the moment, Bragi does not intend to make a separate charging case for The Headphone. Alternatives to the charging case: One thing you can do is carry and use a power bank. Another way, if you have a little bit of soldering experience and are OK voiding the warranty on the brand new case, would be to buy an input module, an output module, and a small lithium battery that could be fit or cut into case. See this DIY guide for the basics. (Warning: These batteries can be very dangerous even if everything is set up correctly, please buy quality components)
Firmware Updates: Bragi does not intend on releasing firmware updates for The Headphone. Speculation: I do not believe it will ever be possible to update The Headphone with the current model. The buds lack the data transfer contacts that The Dash uses to receive its update. In addition, without onboard storage, the unit will not be able to download an update via bluetooth. The only way to update the firmware would be to take the unit apart down to its motherboard and update it directly, which Bragi would have to do.
Comply Tips: I know a few people have asked but no one seems to have gotten a definitive answer regarding if the TW series comply tips will work with The Headphone like they do on The Dash. I sent multiple emails to customer service regarding this. It turns out the customer service team has not yet had a chance to get their hands on The Headphone so they aren't actually sure if the tips are interchangeable between The Dash and The Headphone. I would assume they are, but I think we all want to know before just shelling out the money for them.
Innaccurate Marketing: Just want to point out that, although pretty minor offenses IMO, Bragi has releases multiple comparison charts that are not 100% accurate regarding some of their competitors information such as updateability and waterproofing.
Reviews: I know a lot of people who have already ordered or are thinking about ordering The Headphone want to see actual video demos & reviews of the product. I have yet to see any videos with a functional model of The Headphone. If anyone has a link to any, please put them in the comments.
Edit: Fixed some links. Added a line to the case section.
Edit2: Revised shipping date from 11/1 to Nov to be more general. Bragi has stated the pre-sale ends Nov 1st, and shipping is still scheduled for Nov, but they've never said word for word the units themselves will be shipped on the 1st. I have pre-ordered them and have not heard anything regarding them being shipped as of yet.
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2016.09.08 02:16 honorguard42 Early Released Report on RECKASTA: SUCK ON THAT BIATCH!

Reckasta Profile

It knows; you should probably run now

Buttons on Person:

green - food dispenser
silver - opens doors
blue - Laser pointer turrets
red - Explodes head
yellow - turns on space heater

Buttons on Table:

left - black hole
right - head explosion
middle - sends data to only reck


Reckasta, a very interesting person. If I can call em that. As far as my research has shown, Jen died a long time ago. She died in a car crash after she lost control of her powers due to some anger from her abusive parents. She was a very troubled person, dealing with lots of abuse. Being locked in basements, malnourished, beaten, probably some sexual things in there too. It would probably explain her current dating behaviors. anyways that caused her to fragment her personality as a protective measure. From what I understand, It wasn't anything spectacular. Jacob and Jade seemed to have a lot less power back then. They were human enough at the time.
So this is where things get interesting. Jen comes back with no memories of her death. I'm pretty sure at this point she began gaining supernatural powers. Things were no longer just the basic magic she had been doing. Probably met the dog around this time. The dogs very important, but I will get back to him later. She at somepoint happens to die again, this time it was suicide. She happens to come back from that even stronger than before. Now this begs the question. Why is she back. She didn't want to live. Even her alters don't even try to stop it. She was pretty set on it. Yet she came back. Obviously one can assume that she didn't bring herself back. It was something else.
This dog, from my brief interactions with it, is something far beyond my comprehension. I can't even fathom why this thing exists or what it even is doing. This thing can teleport, transform and not just to other similar beings, but can cause changes in temperature and even alter light. It has complete control over all of the elements, and is for all intents and purposes omnicient. It has become a little sadistic, probably from all the millenia it has exitested. Here's something though, If you look at Jens abilities, they are quite similar aren't they? Just the dog is better at it... Maybe just Maybe he is supplying Jen with some of his power. Maybe that has some sideffects on her personality.
So why is this GOD bothering with Jen? He mentioned something about an experiment. See my best guess, Jen is some sort of humunculous or maybe cyborg. She died and was forced to res against her will. When she decided to erase her memories, It was computer folders. Not natural in the least. At this point she isn't human. She can morph at will, teleport with limited distance, starting to be able to manipulate peoples perception and alter memories. And if she is some sort of artificial human, It would 100% explain how one of her altars was able to leave jens head.
Now, let's take the gods words at face value. This is an experiment. He also mentioned something about making sure nothing goes wrong in Jens progression. So Jen is basically a slave to this thing, It was able to take control of her body at will. so, I Want to kill this thing. A god needs to be murdered with the kitten body it gave me, So might as well save Jen in the process. The only way to free Jen from this things experiments, Is to ruin the experiment. Force it to take agressive actions. The best way to do that is to explain the experiment to Jen herself. Once she knows she can fight it. And heres the best part, theres two of them now. Jen couldn't do it by herself... But maybe two can? Oh btw it knows you read this... Good Luck, I may not survive to see the outcome of this... But as long as he doesn't kill me I should come back. He can reap souls as it put it...
I took all the precautions I could. I set up as many safeguards as I could to protect my own life. I tried to keep my own conciousness out of it as possible, and keep my memories clean, So it doesn't find out the plan until it's too late. I still had to set up a lot of mortal danger to myself so the dog doesn't realize how deep this plan goes. This is getting released to everyone regardless of the outcome. The people need to know, to fight back, or something at least not become a pawn in this things game.


Has no idea what alters do when they are in charge
Lack of memories make her 'innocent', She will fall back down the dark path eventually
flirty with like everyone
watch for magic
jade is brutal Now, I want you to crawl to the nearest intern and beg for it's forgiveness. No, not walk, crawl. On your knees.
Screwing with people and psychological torture is pretty much how far she'll go
more relationship stuff...
feet fetish?
She made Jen open it, like she had been doing with everything so far. jade can control jen at will?
jade in charge of jen
He'd get in her room, somehow... However, as that feat alone would be nearly impossible, and I've been wanting to describe an accidental "power" of Jen's for a while, no hypnosis until you do a second roll. He'd find, in place of a regular bedroom, an odd landscape. Not exactly something that would be seen in the real world, and everything digital seemed to be broken inside of it, numbers innaccurate. Upon further inspection, he'd find it was a large, large room, and he was the size of a small playing card. It very much resembled Alice in Wonderland. Dream powers?
make jade remember bad memories to get her off her game
Topaz would take the form of Jennifer's stepmother. Jade would flinch on seeing him, but do nothing immediately, expecting to be hit.
[form of stepmother]How delightfully uncharacteristic... Normally right about this time you'd have forced me to your knees in front of your husband... Or yourself... So, tell me who you are. Jenna's mom is dead... Unless they found a resurrection spell and used it on the worst waste of oxygen ever. Trying to keep her cool... Deep breaths...
Really? When Jenna drove you both off the bridge, I would have sworn you would have learned respect. Oh, how surprising it is you aren't using us to fulfill another of your fantasies, mother.
Immediately, he would be brought to a scene... A dark room... He was tied up... Sitting... Just sitting... Practically starving to death... He couldn't have been that old... Four, maybe?
He could hear two adults, a man and woman, cruel, cruel people, speaking outside, before they opened the door, and threw what looked to be a dog bowl in her direction. He started eating, as if she hadn't eaten in months.
Immediately, Jae would be forced to watch a hundred memories at once. None of them in which she would have been more than five. In each of them, the same man and woman would be enacting horrible, horrible things on her. Some, sexual fantasies that absolutely no one should have been forced to do, especially not a young girl. Most, if not all, drew blood. Others, extreme physical and mental abuse, that would even put a toll on Jae. The difference between Jade at the first memory, and her at the last, was insane. First, she was an innocent, scared little girl. After, she was the farthest thing from innocent, and had enough hate to drive anyone else insane.
Bend. Your. Knee. She gave a look that said she was wanting to help him, but afraid of something.
She blinks away
She'd immediately find herself on the cold, hard ground, shivering from pain. She could feel blood running down from her nose. After a while, she'd look around, finding lockers, and a crowded hallway. An old man, who would seem to be around sixty, and had a warm, welcoming smile permanently set on his face, would see her, looking startled.
"Jennifer! Are you alright?"
"Oi... Yes, Sir... J-Just a little sore..."
"We're getting you to the nurse's office immediately. I'm assuming you can stand?"
"No Sir..."
"Well then..."
He picked him up, gently, and started carrying her down the hall.
"Two months into Year Seven, and you've already visited her office ten times, correct? Jesus..."
The man and women would be screaming at her, saying things so hurtful they would have driven almost anyone past their limits.
Jen, crying, would yell: GO DRIVE OFF A BRIDGE!
Immediately, they would change direction, heading straight for... You guessed it, a bridge. The memory would end before anything really happened, though.
died twice
It broke us. Made us realise disobedience would invoke something even worse... Taught us our place in the word. And after he'd had his fun, he'd put us back together so well, you couldn't even see the scars...
Why do I get the feeling there are some women who would pay for this shit to happen to them... Hell, I think I probably'm standing really close to one of them right now... [in reference to jen]
He raised his hand to around 200cm, to show how tall he should have been. You think becoming hotter is a problem? Just sayin', you didn't have to become a whole 'nother gender. implies existance before jen
Natasha's her aunt's name. As much of a psychopath as she is kind, really. And then my friend, Jennifer, is slowly going crazy. Being talked into becoming Natasha 2.0. Rather sad, really. With a grin, she started walking out.
Well maybe I'm not the Jen you knew, OK? From what I heard from Danny, she was a cheating bitch who manipulated and bullied people into doing what she wanted! I'm not her!
If she can edit memories or whatever [jade]
She's alive because she went through a major trauma in my place... [jade]
I'm s-sorry, Sir.... [male person she hates most? dad?]
jen can memory wipe
She put her forehead in her hands, as if she had a massive migraine. [gets migraines when unlocking a memory]
jens computer folder memories
No chance in hell that Jade'd be a 'friend.'
What do you mean..?
Reckasta: She's a violent psychopath with no emotion!
It's going to be alright, Jade... You're safe now, he's not going to hurt you again. I won't let him.
What he did was awful, and terrible, and evil. It wasn't your fault, okay?
Y-Yeah... She hugged him tighter.
jade can give memories as well
And now the collar starts beeping rapidly
here's the current point in the thread if you care
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2016.04.23 11:19 chiefhunnablunts Hey guys

so this whole post is going to be a mess, and im gonna apologize in advance. im a little, okay, really stressed out, and anxious, and theres a lot going on in me and my life right now. for starters, i don't know if im actually an infp, but i took the test when i was younger so it could have been innaccurate but thats irrelevant. you guys are amazing people that i feel comfortable talking to, so, here it goes.
where to begin. so, im the most dependent person i know. im 20 years old, living at home, breezing by in community college. ive been smoking pot for 5 years, off and on, most heavily the past 2 years. i've seen what it's done to me, and the person ive become because of this particular drug and i dont like that person. i drink occasionally just to numb myself, but usually take it too far. i dont take anything serious enough, which bothers the shit out of me. my brother is one of the biggest influences in my life, and he moved out when i was in 6th grade which was really tough on me, and now he lives in canada.
now, lets get whomever might read this up to speed. alright, so i have a girlfriend. we've been dating since september of '13 so it's been the longest relationship i've had, up to date. we both just click and connect so well, and we have such good chemistry. i really do love her, and i believe that im in love with her. well, she went off to a "real" college, and for the first semester it was fine. but then something happened. idk what it was but i just got really insecure, and scared about what was going to happen to us. she's got a lot of guy friends, and honestly it's weird for me. i know it shouldn't be, but it is. the worst part is she didn't have real friends in this small, shitty town that i grew up in. she moved here from a bigger city, so she never really fit in. and as such i resent myself for not accepting this, that she has friends who happen to be guys. probably should also mention she's an extremely dedicated, and hard worker and went into the stem field so...i mean. duh. there's gonna be guys everywhere.
so, i recently quit smoking pot. got rid of my shit to a friend in need. im not gonna lie, it's been just the slightest bit rough. i've really been weening myself off of it, just to curb any cravings i might have, and im glad i did. my bud was smoking in front of me, and i was totally, and absolutely fine with it. okay, this has a point i swear. so, my gf goes out to a social gathering. awesome! im glad she's getting out. and then she tells me she's smoking and watching goodburger. immediately i lose it. i feel a panic attack hitting me. i dont want this to happen at all, you know? they suck for me, and especially suck for anyone around me. i got extremely jealous because that's how we started hanging out in the first place. through smoking pot through mutual friends. the thing is, she doesn't do it often, and i get really jealous when it's with other people. that shit isn't healthy at all, and im so self aware of it too. it's terrible. she deserves to have a good time. she deserves to have good friends, regardless of what gender they are.
so as a result of tonight, my actions with her over the phone, and the past few months, she wants to take a break. she wants to keep dating, but just get some distance for a week or two. at first i was not okay with this. then after talking more with her, my pops, and my friends, i realized maybe this is exactly what needs to happen.
and im really sorry about dumping all of this on all of you. we're all feelers here. we feel deeper than most other people. we really understand what it means to be happy, confused, or hurt. we understand the human emotion to the extent that maybe it isn't entirely healthy. but we are who we are, and that's all we can really be.
well. i hope at least one person read this semi organized wall of text. if ya did, papa bless. if ya didn't, i gotcha, lotta sad/weird/disappointing info here. if you did happen to read it, just shoot me a pm on your thoughts, or comment. i'd really appreciate it!
thanks guys.
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2016.04.08 15:56 SpringWeb Weekly Gold Thread #11

Apr 2nd-Apr 8th

Welcome to Weekly Gold Thread #11! The Gold Threads are in no way related to reddit gold. If you liked some of the content in this post, go gild the content creators!

Now, before we begin...

Today I'm gonna be doing things a little bit differently. You've already read my post about not being able to do every single fangame, but to make it up to the sub, I've implemented a new feature into the Gold Thread. Instead of just having the usual "Gold" posts made by users, I'll also include a maximum of 3 "Platinum" posts. Here's how it works.
The qualifications to become a "Gold" post are simple, any post that receives more than 25 upvotes is automatically entered into being a "Gold" post. This way, we'll be able to feature more quality community-made content. That said, text posts that don't contain any content (PSAs, News, etc...) won't be featured as Gold Posts.
But in order to become a "Platinum" post, it must receive 50+ Upvotes! If more than 3 posts receive over 50 upvotes, the three that I choose become the 3 "Platinum" posts. If less than 3 qualify, then there will be less than 3 "Platinum" posts. It's a lot more strict.
Now finally, Weekly Gold Thread #11.

Official FNaF News

Unfortunately, nothing notable happened this week in terms of FNaF offical news. Let's hope this week is a bit more eventful!

Gold Submissions

Uhm... Hi? - Hello, u/Master--X! Welcome to the Gold Thread! Here's a neat crossover drawing featuring Candy, Lockjaw, Freddy and the egg who's name escapes me.
Reddit Post
Imgur Link
WIP Stylish Toy Freddy model for a project - u/DereBobblet has been making a lot of these neat stylish models for a while now, take a look at his Toy Freddy!
Reddit Post
Gyazo Link
Every single Thankyou - FNaF World teaser to date... - Might wanna bookmark this one, boys! u/FramedBlaze threw the Thank You/ FNaF World teasers together in a handy-dandy Imgur album!
Reddit Post
Imgur Link
FNaF 2 teased the FNaF 3 ending? - Holy shit u/TickTockGJ
Reddit Post
Imgur Link
Jeremy - u/LadyFiszi, that's with a D not a Z, L A D Y Fiszi, made some art. Also, u/SpringWeb got their name right. L A D Y F I S Z I. Sorry about that last time.
Reddit Post
DeviantArt Link
I love this subreddit! - Hey, back off u/SpringPopo, she's mine!
Reddit Post
Imgur Link
Bonnie has combusted leg wear - u/LEEDLEMAN made a comic and... wait, what?
Reddit Post
Imgur Post
FNaF Zodiac Page - Okay here's a really cool one from u/f-n-a-f-g-y-f-r, especially if you're a Gravity Falls fan.
Reddit Post
Imgur Link
Super Accurate Puppet Model! - SAB, is that you? Nah, just u/SuperGradientBro. But... maybe this one is Scott?!
Reddit Post
Imgur Link
Nightmare - Here's a spoopy ghost version of Nightmare from one of our artists, u/TheDayOfPi!
Reddit Post Link because Imgur is for squares
Nightmare Chica & Foxy from Mistberg! - I'll just put them both here. u/30847192 never fails to amaze with his models, including how fast he can pump them out.
Nightmare Chica
Nightmare Foxy
Real Toy Bonnie - I'm... I'm not sure how u/TickTockGJ did it, but it's scary. Scary good.
Reddit Post
DeviantArt Link
Bonus "kicked down the stairs" version
Reddit Post
Imgur Link
Freddy my child - yes ok this is real gold straight from u/TheSuperjohn702 wow guys great to see were making good content for the sub and upvoting all the great posts with a lot of work put in to them gee golly how great it is.
Reddit Post
Imgur Link
AU Toy Chica - I don't know. Does anyone know? Does u/MrSpringles know?
Reddit Post
Imgur Link
Toy Freddy's break - u/Dweebnut OH! It's Flumpty. Flumpty the egg, that was his name.
Reddit Post
Imgur Link
Fangame Puppets - u/DrGoldenstar did a lot of drawings this past week, I just picked my favorite. <3
Reddit Post
Imgur Link
I really hope this is the direction Scott's going in with the Project teasers - ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Reddit Post
Adventure Golden Puppet - Is this an edit, or a model? Well done, u/f-n-a-f-g-y-f-r!
Reddit Post
Imgur Post
Popgoes fanart - Mr. Weaselman, CEO of WeaselWare™ by u/Flhorn
Reddit Post
Imgur Link
All the Springalings - by u/Negaduck because yee haw why not

PLATINUM Submissions

(and the winners are...)
You can use all the current letters to form "Original Locations" very neatly - This is a spectacular find by u/-popgoes! There may be hope yet that Scott's new project is FNaF related!
Imgur Link
Meanwhile, at the bar... - This one had me in tears! Well done, u/Bonfim_BR! (Hehe, Bartender Boy)
Imgur Link
Stylized Puppet - I'm totally freaking out over how good this Puppet is. We get a lot of "stylized" models on the sub, but a lot of the time they're just innaccurate models. You can really tell with this one that he had the design in mind before going into it. Ngyah, anyway.
Imgur Link
Congrats to you all!


TNaR 2 Teaser #4 - u/Nikson_ new game's looking pretty good! Can't wait!
Reddit Post
The Final Generation's Title Screen - Now it's been in a Gold Thread, u/Ender2_ComiX, don't let us down.
Reddit Post
MISFITS 2 Trailer - by u/ironicrobots, or as I like to call it "Static 2: The game"
Reddit Post
REMEMBER: Even though the sub has it's rough times, the submissions in this post show that the community is still alive, and definitely still very talented!
This has been my second Gold Thread! Boing!
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2015.08.14 01:37 RobertM525 TIL is gone, so what's your favorite way of getting Steam price watches?

For Amazon deals, I love using, but for Steam, was my go-to site for price watches.
Unfortunately, the site has now gone under...
SteamAlerts was started in June, 2011 and operated for 4 years as a completely free notification service for Steam price drops. Operation ceased in June 2015.
A lack of time to commit to maintaining the site, plus changes to the Steam API, have combined into slow updates, innaccurate prices, and out-of-date email alerts. Rather than continue to offer a poor experience, I have decided to shut down the site. I'm hoping some fellow redditors can point me to a good, reliable way of setting up price watches for Steam somewhere. (Other than using Steam's wishlist system, which only tells if the game is on sale and isn't linked to a specific price threshold, which is what I'm looking for.)
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2015.06.01 23:36 ChrisDWL I've got a budget, rough dates, but need some extra advice...

My girlfriend is about to start a teaching course in September, and is desperately hoping we can go travelling together before the summer holidays (beginning ~ 20th July) at which point we can potentially never travel in term time again (for those outside UK this is the most expensive time to travel, by often ludicrous margins).
BUT - she has done very little research, has unfortunately poor Geography (where is Beijing anyone?) and is now upset that I'm slightly reluctant to go all out with just a few weeks preparation (I'd like to have a decent sense of itinerary before travelling, even if very little of it is booked to keep us free for spontaneity).
So: Budget ~ £1000pp, inc travel + all expenses Dates ~ mid June-mid July (max travel time 2 weeks, preferably 8-10 days) Preferable area: South East Asia (I've done all of Europe via interrail, New York, Florida, and finally long walk on the Camino in northern Spain, so I'm looking for something completely different)
Having done initial preparation myself, I know I can fly to Bangkok, Tokyo, Osaka, Seoul, Kuala Lumpur as well as Cancun and Montego Bay for roughly £300-350pp between now til early July on various dates for various lengths of time. the fact that we can also apparently get a rail pass for the entirety of Japan for £150pp for a week also makes it very appealing, although apparently not a good time of year right now for visiting Tokyo.
For her part, she wants to go to Thailand because she thinks it will just be ridiculously cheap once we arrive (whilst Airbnb seems to agree with this, my lack of research and awareness of her ability to make wild innaccurate presumptions makes me at best wary of this analysis).
So - can anyone give advice as to where they would recommend travelling in this area, and any good places to start looking for homemade itineraries? I'm not interested in following group tours, but I'm struggling to find any advice that isn't pre-organised by a group tour operator.
Or, more importantly, given that I can travel at any time and at present am more tempted to put the plans on ice given above reasons, would anyone advise us not to go given poor choice of season or somewhere that is equally fantastic and in great season right now?
Any help you can give is most appreciated, though I appreciate this does tread the line of "please help I want to travel - where do I go?" poor post.
I should clarify that, despite the above, I am keen to go travelling with her and would love to share her first real adventurous experience (she's never really been anywhere that wasn't a resorty type holiday). But I also want to make sure it's a real worthwhile experience and not something we rushed into because it was our last chance to avoid the school holiday holidays.
Kindest regards to all readers,
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2013.09.17 15:15 Mr_Flippers A collection of all currently known information on the Mane

First, we'll start on his birth and the Third Moon.
The Mane is born during a time when neither Masser (Jode) nor Secunda (Jone) are visible in the sky, but during the appearance of a third moon. Now, whilst it may be hard to imagine considering that most believe that the moons are Lorkhan's body ripped in half (and even Khajiiti myth has no mention of a third moon), it's not too radical that there is a third moon we rarely ever see.
We know that White-Gold Tower and thus the Imperial City was built by the Ayleids to mirror the Wheel itself, we can see three orbiting structures around it, not two. Though it's rather odd that one of them is a crescent shape where the others are full circles. Also, this excerpt from the 36 Lessons mentions something alluding to the idea of a third moon
So Vivec sent the Hortator to the heavens to shave Lie Rock asunder by the named axe. Nerevar made peace with the south-pole-star of thieving and the north-pole-star of warriors and the third-pole-star, which existed only in the ether, which was governed by the apprentice of Magnus the sun. They gave him leave to wander among their charges and gave him red sight by which to find Lie Rock in the Hidden Heaven.
Don't ask me what it means exactly, but it is something. That it "exists only in the ether" is a bit interesting, but it's not for me to speculate on here. EDIT: this could reference the Guardian signs, though they are made of several stars, not just one
Finally, considering what we know from Return False and the Khajiiti Tower, it's possible that the Mane themself IS the third moon and may have been such all along. However, that does raise the question of how the Ayleids knew about him, though looking at a statue of Auri-El there looks like what's most likely a depiction of Alkosh; so the Ayleids may have known more about the Khajiit than we think. This ultimately would mean that, considering the Mane is said to be reincarnated each time, the Mane becomes its own moon to die and then comes back in the body of a younger Mane. Or perhaps he's the third moon during and at the end of his reign.
History and influence
Despite the possibility of the Ayleid's knowing about the Mane - and the Ayleids having died out in the 1st era - the Mane's first documented appearance came in the 2nd Era, likely in the 300's as 309 is when Kiergo and Eshita of Anequina and Pelletine, respectively, married and unified Elsweyr only for it to fail several years later (also, 310 being the date of the report in Return False). The First Mane being Rid-T'har-ri'Datta, who unified the nation through his system of power rotation called the Riddle'Thar, which shifted power between Anequina and Pelletine depending on the phases of Jone and Jode.
Whilst Khajiiti society has traditionally been split up into clans, and those clans residing within different kingdoms, the Mane has his own clan within Torval, which compromises of his servants, courtiers and guards. Other positions may be there, but are not established. Think of it like how House Indoril served ALMSIVI. Considering how "impractical" its documented to have become for all Khajiit to give the Mane their manes, it's likely that the majority of the Mane's braids are from his clan as documented in PGE first edition with Nhad-Hatta
The only other known Mane is the one at the current time of writing the PGE First Edition, Nhad-Hatta. No information beyond his name and appearance is known. That a non-Khajiit could even see the Mane long enough for the picture is quite impressive, as it's documented that one Imperial visitor (representing the Empire itself for diplomacy) was chased out of the Mane's palace in Torval.
Considering that the Mane is essentially a god who (possibly) reincarnates and forever watches over Elsweyr both politically and literally, it's understandable that quite a few Khajiit like him. That the Mane even encourages Khajiit (of any background, occupation or rank) to visit him shows both the public's love of the Mane and the returned love of the people by the Mane. Except for a clan of scumbags but they don't necessarily hate the Mane as they disobey his teachings and law, plus they're literally scumbags in Khajiiti culture so there's little worth in even mentioning them.
He's also the Stone of the Khajiit Tower, so he's got that going for him too.
What's most interesting about the "First Mane" is that although Rid-T'har-ri'Datta is the first documented Mane, Where were you when the Dragon broke suggests that the Mane was around long before that, however his name is not documented there and the fact that Anequina and Pelletine had been in conflict with one another for so long suggests either the Mane had been absent for a while, R'leyt-harhr is a liar (doubtful), the PGE is just plain innaccurate, or the Mane wasn't on Tamriel when observing the moons and recording time for Khajiit.
His most recent death
The Mane was assassinated in the 4th Era, either in/around 4E 30 or 75 (sources conflict); several years before the Void Nights. It's very suspicious that they occurred when the Mane was deceased, even more so considering that it's said that the Thalmor killed him (Infernal City, though TIL doesn't source it was the Thalmor who killed him); the very same group who built up relations with Khajiit after the Void Nights. Since the Mane's death, nothing has been heard or said about him. It's not documented how long Elsweyr has gone without a Mane after he dies, if there even is a period (however short) between the Mane's death and the new Mane's birth, but 150+ years of going without points towards the possibility of this most recent death to be the last. What caused the death of the Mane is unknown.
Connection to Azurah
As we know through the Khajiiti creation story (best told here) Azurah created every form of Khajiit for different purposes. Azura (who Khajiit would say is totally different from Azurah) is well known to have a connection with the moons and the times of dusk and dawn, it's rather interesting that she would create a third moon for her sister Nirni; whether that be through insult or kind-heartedness isn't known. However, considering the Mane only appeared much later from the rest of Khajiit it's possible that either
A: the Mane was invented by Azurah later than the other forms of Khajiit, or
B: the Mane had never needed to go down to Elsweyr until later.
Residence, appearance and character
The Mane likely looks slightly different each time through different colours of his braided fur, but the Mane's personality is always agreed upon by visitors as
wise beyond time, comforting, beautiful and perfect in any way imaginable.
That goes for both Khajiit and the Imperial Geographic Society.
The Mane's appearance has only ever been depicted through Nhad-Hatta. There's a picture that looks like MK's work with Khajiit observing a spherical body with it's own atmosphere that's likely to be the Mane, but isn't known nor can I find it through google images. All that can really be said of the Mane is that he's completely covered (probably except for his face) in his own fur and the fur of other Khajiit.
His palace is in Torval and/or the Third Moon (which yes, may be the Mane himself). Sources conflict between the two. However, it's not that crazy if it's both (or that it changes with time); at least not considering the places that Vivec has travelled to (even possibly taking the player in Morrowind to the Provisional House to train him to use Wraithguard) with ease. Either way, sources (even different accounts in one source) conflict with what it looks like.
Some say
a boundless swirl of hair, waving leisurely in pink sucrose vapors like kelp in water.
Others say
strange geographies, hallways and inviting furnished rooms, which they never manage to visit more than once.
and some report
Symmetrical sugarcane gardens surround these palaces, where the Mane is often seen in day-long meditations atop his palanquin, held up by his inexhaustible cathay-raht servants.
Lleswer and the Mane's servants
Lleswer is confusing to say the least. it's either the moon colony on Jone or it's actually Elsweyr itself, or it's both at the same time; or it's yet to be created (not to ring Amaranth bells, but it's a heaven promised by the Mane and the only other place that I've heard to be "heaven" is Aetherius. Just putting that out there, it reminds me of Landfall is all). That it's called "tenders to the Mane" in Return False can mean so many things. Is it the kingdom of the Mane? is it the paradise that the Mane promised? is it the moon colony? is it a part of the Mane's huge fur ball? Is it all of them at once? Knowing Khajiiti language, I wouldn't be surprised if Lleswer meant all of them. I can't present any one view here as fact, all of them are equally likely, you can choose a preference.
The other tenders to the Mane that we know of are his own personal guards, Cathay-Raht that hold him up all day (if he's in Torval, shit it's confusing) and are his personal protectors, whom take to using the prefix "Do" (meaning "warrior"). They are said to be "inexhuastible" which hints towards continuous use of Moon Sugar on the job, since the only thing alluding to that is found in The Tale of Dro'Zira.
In conclusion, the Mane is an unparalleled figure in Khajiiti society with huge influence, extra-nirnian travel (hinted through his likely conflict with Tiber Septim, whom has travelled to Masser) and mythic phenomena the likes of which belong to figures like Vivec and Talos, both being incredibly important figures in lore. Likewise, the Mane(s) is of incredible importance.
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Debunking Creationism: 'Radiometric Dating Is Unreliable!' Italian scientists says Holy Shroud dating inaccurate ... How accurate is radiocarbon dating? - YouTube 24-Hour ENERGY Drink - SNL - YouTube Why Carbon Dating Might Be in Danger - YouTube The problem with carbon dating - YouTube Having Standards in Romantic Relationships! Carbon Dating Inaccurate: 'Major Flaws' says Cornell Study, Serious Errors in Historical Archaeology

Carbon dating accuracy called into question after major ...

  1. Debunking Creationism: 'Radiometric Dating Is Unreliable!'
  2. Italian scientists says Holy Shroud dating inaccurate ...
  3. How accurate is radiocarbon dating? - YouTube
  4. 24-Hour ENERGY Drink - SNL - YouTube
  5. Why Carbon Dating Might Be in Danger - YouTube
  6. The problem with carbon dating - YouTube
  7. Having Standards in Romantic Relationships!
  8. Carbon Dating Inaccurate: 'Major Flaws' says Cornell Study, Serious Errors in Historical Archaeology

It is often argued that radio carbon dating is a safe way of measuring age on. What is often forgotten, is that this method will also require certain assumpt... 7:45 - An Inaccurate Picture of Childhood / Emotional Paralysis 43:55 - Pursuing Casual Sex / Having Standards in Romantic Relationships 1:15:36 - Adoption, Self-Sacrifice and Making Excuses for ... In 1988, carbon-14 tests concluded that the Shroud of Turin, the piece of cloth widely regarded by history as having wrapped the body of Jesus after his deat... In this 5-Hour ENERGY commercial parody, a new 24-hour energy drink gives men the round-the-clock energy they need to date an eccentric, emotional actress. In this second vlog on carbon dating, we look at the problems and limitations of the technique ... and at what archaeologists and scientists do to overcome t... SciShow viewers can get 2 free months of unlimited access to Skillshare by using this link: Carbon dating transformed fields like ar... Radiometric dating methods are very accurate and very trustworthy. Creationist arguments to the contrary are riddled with flaws, as is the scientific research used by them to support their position. Carbon Dating Inaccurate: 'Major Flaws' says Cornell Study, Serious Errors in Historical Archaeology ... Science Confirms a Young Earth—The Radioactive Dating Methods are Flawed - Duration: 1:00 ...