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HOFER dostava. od četrtka, 10. 9. 2020. Razširi Pomanjšaj Aktualni letaki in brošure. Razširi Pomanjšaj Akcije. Tedenska akcija. Super6. Iz naše pekovske zakladnice. Iz naše vinoteke. Razširi Pomanjšaj Sortiment. Trajno znižano. Novo. Razširi Pomanjšaj Dokazana kakovost. Razširi Pomanjšaj Kakovost iz Slovenije. Stephen R. Hoferka, Jr., on Saturday, May 2, 2020 of the South Side Slopes. Beloved husband of Catherine (Zulawski) Hoferka for 39 Years. Loving father of Ivy Hoferka. Brother of Maryanne Kopas, Margaret Bonamo and Irene (George) Roskovensky. Dupaco R.W. Hoefer Foundation P.O. Box 179 Dubuque, IA 52004-0179. Contribution Guidelines * The Dupaco R.W. Hoefer Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, tax identification number 45-4145438. Contributions are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. Dr. Richard A. Hoefer is a General Surgeon in Newport News, VA. Find Dr. Hoefer's phone number, address, insurance information, hospital affiliations and more. Mehr Urlaub für weniger Geld: PKW-Reisen Flug-Reisen Rundreisen Fernreisen Schiffsreisen Busreisen - aktuelle, vielfältige & preiswerte Angebote - wöchentlich für Sie neu zusammengestellt. Jetzt online bei HOFER REISEN entdecken! SISTER OF MERCY, NURSE, EDUCATOR, PASTORAL CARE MINISTER, A SISTER OF MERCY FOR SEVENTY-TWO YEARS Sister Mary Gabrielle Hoefer died peacefully at Angela Hospice, Livonia on July 12, 2020 following a lengthy illness. Her almost ninety years of life began on July 13, 1930 in Earlville, Iowa. Her parents, Raymond HOFER verwendet Cookies & Plugins, um die Webseite bestmöglich an Ihre Bedürfnisse anpassen zu können. Cookies & Plugins ermöglichen die Verwendung bestimmter Features, das Teilen auf sozialen Netzwerken (Facebook, Instagram etc.) und das Anpassen von Nachrichten und Werbeanzeigen an Ihre persönlichen Interessen. CALL US +49 7022 217 884-0 +49 7022 217 884-0 E-MAIL US [email protected] VISIT US! HEADQUARTERS Ohmstraße 15 72622 Nürtingen hofer powertrain FIND US WORLDWIDE ALL John Richard 'Rick' Hofer, 73, of Oelwein, Iowa, passed away on Friday, July 3, 2020, at Mayo Clinic Hospice, St. Mary's Hospital, in Rochester, Minnesota. Rick was born on June 27, 1947, in Fayette County, Iowa, to John and Dora (Gage) Hofer. He graduated from Fayette High School in 1965. Jason K. Hofer, MD, a native of Ventura, grew up enjoying surfing and fishing off the coast and attended Buena High School, where he played baseball. Dr. Hofer went on to attend the University of California, San Diego where he performed research at the School of Medicine which resulted in several scientific papers.


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2020.09.19 14:39 allmustfall69 Manny Machado is only 28 years old

Seems like he’s been playing forever. Usually a player starts to peak around 27 years old. We could be entering prime Manny Machado. Everyone talks about Tatis Jr because he’s so young and already so good, but Machado could still be a HOFer in my opinion. These next 3-4 years should be his best of his career.
He looks absolutely great this year.
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2020.09.19 05:47 Idaheck May I present to you Marco "M" Mendez, The Greatest

May I present to you Marco
Behold Marco Mendez.
This was one of the best players I have ever seen. I especially want you to look at his strikeout totals (781). The dude rarely struck out. He walked a ton (1782 walks). He hit for average (.331). And he hit 1154 Homers! He slashed 331/423/658 for his career.
I did not edit him at all as I played on Challenge Mode. I brought the Seattle Mariners to 6 World Series games, winning 3 and then decided to mess around on the Dodgers since I had traded them some good players over the years while I waited to see if some of my awesome Mariners players got into the Hall of Fame or not. After that, I decided to see what it was like to really play in a big market with the Yankees and traded for Mendez. It cost me dearly because he was making over $40M a year. I made the playoffs every season of his career with the Yankees, but only won 1 World Series when he was nearly retired. I like that he held on for so long to feel that delicious World Series victory that he hadn't felt since 2036 in his only other WS when he was with the Rangers.
For most of his career, his rating were all about 60 - 70 on Contact, Gap, Power, Eye, and Avoid Ks. And if you look at all the pictures included, you will see that he was injured for 13 days IN HIS ENTIRE CAREER!
Now that he's in the HoF, I feel like I can put this save to bed in the 2059 season. The only thing left to wait for is to see if the guy who I traded him for gets a higher percentage for the HoF than he did, but the dude is 44 and still not only playing, but still one of the top players in the league and a gold glove 3B to boot.
Thanks for letting me share.
A few other notes about my save: He was enshrined in the HoF the same year by the same percentage as the single season leader in homeruns all time who had 82 in a season. The only 100% HoFers included: Yordan Alvarez (yes, real player Yordan Alvarez). He hit 960 homeruns which was the record at the time, but he also broke Reggie Jackson's all time strikeout record by whiffing 3570 times. His stats are not close to Mendez's and somehow Mendez only got 98.6%. Alex Rodriguez also had 100% in 2022. Meh. And a Dutch pitcher who pitched 11 seasons for the Rockies? and 11 seasons for the White Sox managed to win 315 games while giving up 603 HRs somehow also got 100%.
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2020.09.18 17:25 rahulraja8675 [OC] Shaquille O'Neal and Dwight Howard have a lot in common, like a truly eerie amount

Shaquille O'Neal and Dwight Howard are the two best centers of the 21st century and have feuded with each other. They also have a lot in common:
Shaq was better than Howard but they have a lot of similarities. I think if Dwight hadn't suffered major injuries, his career would have been way better but I hope he wins a ring before retirement.
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2020.09.18 17:05 whosactualmansisthis Rajon Rondo HOF chances if the Los Angeles Lakers win the NBA championship this year?

Rajon Rondo has had a fairly accomplished career, with most of his prime spent in Boston as a member of the Celtics.
His accolades up until now include:
• NBA Champion
• NBA All-Star (4x)
• NBA All-NBA Third Team
• NBA All-Defensive First Team (2x)
• NBA All-Defensive Second Team (2x)
• NBA Assists Leader (3x)
• NBA Steals Leader
• NBA All-Rookie Second Team
Other than 2 less All-Star appearances and a specific team attached to his name, his resume is better than a “future HOFer” Kyle Lowry (I’m a TOR fan for reference).
If the Lakers win and Rondo wins his second championship (almost a decade after his “prime”), will that cement him as a future HOFer?
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2020.09.18 14:53 Aerilys Astonishing Baseball 20 V1.5 (Android beta)

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2020.09.17 22:49 twolvesfan9 Historical Player Ratings

I’ve noticed that sometimes real-life HoFers have lower ratings than other players during the draft. Like a player who is a real hall of famer could have a lower ovr and pot then someone who only had 1 all Star in their real career. Has anyone else noticed that?
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2020.09.17 21:44 Bombdude Forgotten Hall of Fame Cases: Charlie Hennigan

Charlie Hennigan was a receiver for the Houston Oilers from 1960 until 1966. Though a short lived career, Hennigan played an extremely important role in revolutionizing passing offenses. The 6'1", 187 pound receiver ended up racking up some of the most incredible stats considering the timeframe he played in.
Hennigan joined the AFL in 1960 after a couple years away from the football field following his graduation from Northwestern State College in Louisiana (now Northwestern State University). Before joining the AFL he worked as a high school biology teacher. Once making it into the AFL, he kept his pay stub from his biology teaching days in his helmet as a reminder to succeed in the league.
And succeed he did, as Hennigan in just 7 14-game seasons compiled almost 7000 yards receiving, averaging over 16.5 yards/receptions, and catching 51 Touchdowns. Those stats, relative to his era, put him in the top 10 for receiving yards by the time he retired, as well as 13th for receiving touchdowns. But the career stats are not exactly why Hennigan deserves to make it into the Hall of Fame, but rather his incredible single-seasons he compiled in the freshly-conceived passing games of the 60's with the help of Hall of Famer George Blanda.
George Blanda joined the Houston Oilers the same season that Hennigan joined up, and left them right as Hennigan retired. The two had done some incredible things for the Oilers including becoming AFL Champs two years in a row, first in the opening AFL season in 1960-61 to beat the Los Angeles Chargers, and second in the 1961-62 AFL season to beat the now-San Diego Chargers. Hennigan and Blanda also worked together to get Hennigan the first reception TD in Oilers history. Hennigan finished his rookie season with 722 yards and six touchdowns.
1961 is when Hennigan's dominance truly began however. Hennigan put up exactly 100 more yards than his rookie season in 1961 with 822 receiving yards. Just in the month of October. The rest of the regular season he compiled an additional 924 receiving yards, putting his final tally at 1746 receiving yards. This, combined with 12 Touchdowns over 82 receptions, marked the greatest WR season ever to be played. It took 34 more years of advancements in the passing game, play calling, sports medicine, and everything else until someone eventually knocked it off. Two people in fact, both hall of famers. In 1995, 10-Year Vet Jerry Rice and Second-Year Isaac Bruce both barely topped Hennigan's record, and they both needed 2 extra games in order to do it.
Before Rice and Bruce beat the record the next five closest attempts to beat Hennigan's record came from Hall of Famer Lance Alworth in 1965 who played the same 14 games and got 1,602 yards, Jerry Rice's 1986 season with 1570 yards over 16 games, 2x Probowler and 2x All Pro Roy Green in 16 games compiling 1,555 yards, Hall of Famer Michael Irvin's 1991 season where he got 1,523 yards, and our boy Charley Hennigan coming up with 1,546 yards in 1964, good enough to still be 5th by 1994.
Hennigan was so dominant in his short career that it took over 3 decades to stop him from owning more than 1 spot in the top-5 spots for single season receiving yards, and it took multiple hall of famers just to do that.
Today, Hennigan's dominance is starting to fade to time. Though still #6 on the single-season leaderboards for receiving yards, as well as having the distinction of being the first person to crack through the 100-reception mark in a season set by Lionel Taylor in 1961, these achievements that took decades to crush are now falling rapidly down the leaderboard thanks to the advancements in basically every category to help the passing game. Though the #6 spot for receiving yards is still incredibly noteworthy, especially since he's the only receiver from the 60's anywhere in the top 20, and one of only two in the top 50, it will only stand to get lowered and lowered. Today he's either outpaced or barely leading above Hall of Famers like Jerry Rice, Isaac Bruce, and Marvin Harrison, future Hall of Famers like Calvin Johnson, Julio Jones, and Torry Holt, or some of the greatest What-If stories of the NFL like Antonio Brown and Josh Gordon.
Hennigan's other seasons were still incredibly good for the time. Outside of his 722 yard, 6 TD rookie season, and his career-defining sophomore season of 1746 receiving yards and 12 TDs, Hennigan also had 2 more 1000 yard seasons (Including his then-record 101 reception 1964 season with 1546 yards and 8 TDs), never fell below 14 yards/reception until his final season in 1966. In 1966 Hennigan had a rough season, getting snaps in all 14 games but only starting in 7 of them, and ultimately finishing the season with only 27 receptions for 313 yards receiving and 3 touchdowns, his worst season of his career. Following this, he retired in a quiet manner. Hennigan was occasionally questioned by sports journalists as to what he thought of never making the hall of fame, one such case from Sports Illustrated's series "State your Case" back in 2017, Hennigan said "Some of my records still exist, but if I was going to get in, it should have happened by now. Lance Alworth played at the same time as me and he's already in. It would be a wonderful thing for my family. But... that was a long time ago."
Rick Gosselin wrote about Hennigan's impact on the game as well. Gosselin wrote "You can say Bob Hayes changed the way the game is played with his speed. You can say Charley Taylor changed the way the game is played with his power. And you can say Jerry Rice changed the way the game is played with his precision and grace. But no wide receiver changed the way the game is played like Charlie Hennigan." This seemingly isn't far off, as he may have been an early-NFL version of Megatron with the career trajectory he had. An incredibly short career relative to his peers with some of the highest highs people had ever seen at the time that took decades to beat.
Hennigan unfortunately passed away in December of 2017, just one day before the "State Your Case" article from Sports Illustrated came out on him, meaning that phone call reminding him of his just falling short of the Hall of Fame must have happened within the last few weeks of Hennigan's life, something that messed with me enough to spend my time to write this.
To end this piece on why Hennigan deserves in, I'll leave you with two George Blanda quotes on Hennigan as well as a comprehensive list of Hennigan's accomplishments, many of which took insane amounts of talent and time to beat. And as a reminder, he did this in the 1960s, where receivers could essentially get shot on the field by the DBs and it'd be legal. Keep in mind, as you reflect on this piece and look over the stats below, he's not in the hall of fame, it took multiple hall of famers to start to erase him from the record books, and he's not even in the Titans/Oilers Ring of Honor (unlike his teammate, HoFer George Blanda). If you took the time to read this offseason-style post on the eve of Week 2 of the 2020 season, thank you.
Rest in peace Charley Hennigan.
"The next year (1964) we played Denver, and Charley needed nine catches to break Lionel Taylor's record of one hundred receptions in a season. Charlie got the nine he needed with Willie [Brown] covering him. Willie's in the Hall of Fame. Charlie Hennigan should be, too." - George Blanda
Still standing NFL records:
Now-broken former NFL records:
Still-standing Franchise records (Oilers/Titans):
Noteable achievements:
"No man can cover him, he has the finest moves in the league" - George Blanda
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2020.09.17 18:31 subreddit_jumper Why you should buy your shit in ALDI/HOFER

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! Yeah! Bazen za našo babi - po HOFER CENI. Na vino foter vabi - po HOFER CENI. Heheh, lej tip 'ma gor baretko. Rože 'ma za Metko, ona brije se z žiletko - po HOFER CENI. Mmmm. Žemljce res sveže - po HOFER CENI. Pečenka gre iz mreže - po HOFER CENI. Šlatam tujo posteljnino, sosed vrta z bormašino, tamau grizlja malino - po HOFER CENI. Vedno sveže, zmer' cenej' po HOFER CENI (HOFER ceni). Vedno blizu, zmer' okej po HOFER CENI (HOFER ceni). Vedno sveže, zmer' cenej' po HOFER CENI. Po-po-po HOFER ceni. Samo po HOFER CENI. Vegi zajtrk, bio mleko - po HOFER ceni. Na skrivaj rad jem zaseko - po HOFER ceni. Domači kolači, družina se oblači, štumfi, natikači - po HOFER CENI. Breskve iz kompota - po HOFER CENI. Maček 'ma robota - po HOFER CENI. Dedi stalno bajka, tamala cel dan lajka nabildanega Rajka - po HOFER CENI. Vedno sveže, zmer' cenej' po HOFER CENI (HOFER ceni). Več kot fer in zmer' okej po HOFER CENI (HOFER ceni). Vedno sveže, zmer' cenej' po HOFER CENI. Po-po-po HOFER ceni. Samo po HOFER CENI. Mam' čelado za tornado - po HOFER CENI. Sam ujel je to orado - po HOFER CENI. Matr' dobra kava, ka' dela ta naprava, baletna žar zabava po HOFER CENI. Mulc poje ti čokolado - po HOFER CENI Kupil sem pikado - po HOFER CENI. Mama pije vitamine, sine fitnes proteine, vsi dobil' smo trampoline - po HOFER CENI. Vedno sveže, zmer' cenej' po HOFER CENI (HOFER ceni). Vedno blizu, zmer' okej po HOFER CENI (HOFER ceni). Vedno sveže, zmer' cenej' po HOFER CENI. Po-po-po HOFER ceni. Samo po HOFER CENI. Vedno sveže, zmer' cenej' po HOFER CENI (HOFER ceni). Več kot fer in zmer' okej po HOFER CENI (HOFER ceni). Vedno sveže, zmer' cenej' po HOFER CENI. Po-po-po HOFER ceni. Samo po HOFER CENI.
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2020.09.16 21:30 JuckFamesDolan Who is the worst player you could conceivably make a HOF case for?

I'll start: Andre Drummond.
Granted that he doesn't quickly flame out of the NBA for being generally bad at basketball, he's going to go down in history as one of the most prolific rebounders ever. He has the highest career rebound %age in NBA history and will probably retire within the top 10 rebounders if he plays long enough. He racks up a ton of Defensive Win shares as a result (a reason why win shares is a bad stat) and could finish his career within the top 20 of that too if he plays enough seasons. Besides Drummond, only 9 other players have career averages of 14+ ppg and 13+ rpg--all of them are HOFers.
Is Drummond a Hall of Famer? Almost definitely not. Should he even be considered? Fuck no. Could you make a case that he belongs? Kinda
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2020.09.16 18:01 Zorion_15 After that game can we reconsider HOFers

I have been saying this a while, so I’m use to the hate I’m gonna get. I know that Doc has won a championship and PG 13% is a pretty good player in the regular season, but I honestly don’t think they deserve to be HOFers. You can ridicule me all you want, but this is a hill I’ll die on. PG doesn’t have the resume to me for that privilege. He runs team to team (and will probably do it again after his contract ends in LA), and Doc has given up 3 different 3-1 leads. That’s not a HOFer coach in my opinion. Kendrick Perkins has also gone on to say that Doc is overrated.
I’m prepared to get slandered, but it’s time it’s been said.
Do y’all agree? I’d love to see the thoughts on this.
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2020.09.14 16:31 jruhlman09 Team with most Hall of Famers on it at the time?

I found myself watching Dominick Hasek highlights on /sports today, and the topic of the 2001-2 Red Wings team came up. While enjoying some nice childhood nostalgia via highlights and wiki articles, I came to the realization that the '02 championship team had a lot of Hall of Famers on it.
9 currently inducted members according to hockey-reference.com
I would be so bold to suggest that Pavel Datsyuk will be added to that list somewhat soon, so I can pretty safely say 10 HoFers on that team.
I can't find an easy way to search for teams by # of HoFers, or any articles online that did the work for me, so can anyone think of a team with more than 9 or 10 at the time?
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2020.09.14 07:04 cachebomba207 Albert Pujols or Miguel Cabrera

Who had a better career and who was better in their prime? I have a friend who tells me Cabrera was better than Pujols because he won the triple crown, no matter what I tell him about Pujols being literally the best player in the 2000s, he still says Cabrera was better just because of the triple crown, is he right?
Is my friend an idiot for only taking into account the triple crown when Pujols is literally an inner circle HOFer who had better number almost anywhere over Cabrera or is the triple crown sooo good that it stills makes Cabrera as valuable as Pujols or even better than him as my friend says LOL?
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2020.09.14 04:29 u87hi How many future HOFers do this Lakers team have?

Locks are Lebron and AD, and to some extent Dwight should be a lock. I am guessing Rondo might have a chance?
Potentially this is a 4x future HOFers team
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2020.09.13 16:05 Zdeneksfilter Who are some wealthy ex-boxers who went broke?

I read up on Bobby Czyz a while ago, and he was working as a supermarket cashier (it was hilarious how buyers would quietly make long queues so they'd be served by him, leaving his counterparts with nothing to do most of the time). He said something about being picked up as an analyst by some network or other but I don't know if that has come to pass. But the part that broke my heart was how, after his HOF-induction, he sat in the bar all alone mixing juice and whisky while the rest of the HOFers partied it up and largely ignored him. Leon Spinks is another one... last I heard, he was working as a janitobus driver at a primary school. What are some other examples?
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2020.09.11 22:22 u87hi How many future HOFers do these final 4 teams have?

How many players on the rosters in the final 4 teams now who are on track to be a future HOFers?
Off my head
That's it?
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2020.09.11 00:42 krink85 CMV: The current way the BBWAA votes for people entering theBaseball HOF needs changed.

The way baseball HOF elects new HOFers in ignorant. Under current rules a player on the ballot must get 75% of the vote from the BBWAA to get in. Each member of the BBWAA gets only 10 votes and doesn’t have to use every single vote. They can vote 0 people or use all 10 votes (each player only get one vote). There is a certain number of years a person a person can be on the ballot. To remain on the ballot, you must get a certain percentage of votes. If you fail to get that number of votes you fall off the ballot. Also you only have been on the ballot for 15 years and don’t get elected in, you fall off the ballot and will never be elected into the baseball HOF.
Here is a linklink to the rules.
My argument is that once a persons career is over they are either a hall of famer or not. I do not argue with the 10 year wait to be on a ballot, but there should NOT be additional years of being on the ballot. Once you are done playing, the players stats are the players stats. They will never change. They are either a HOFer or not. My opinion is that there should be a list and the BBWAA members should vote on each player with a yes or no. You get in or you don’t. This take away from the artificial drama ie Larry Walker getting in on his last year on the ballot. This would eliminate BBWAA member only placing one vote and not acknowledging the other players on the list.
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2020.09.10 17:18 Pomonica Who's your favorite HOF snub?

The title is explanatory - an older player who should be in the HOF but isn't. I'd like to hear all of yours, and I've got mine down below here.

I could go on for ages about this, so I'll talk about Daryle Lamonica in a hopefully-short series of bulletpoints. I also wanna know your favorites

So that's my rant about why Lamonica should be in the HOF. But who are yours? Underrated players are always curios, so hearing about some of the great ones will be fun.

edit: spelling
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2020.09.10 02:59 CascadianLiberty Þe Nameless Borogh, by H.P. Lofecraft

When I drew nigh þe nameless borogh I cnew it was acursed. I was faring in a parched and awful dene under þe moon, and afar I saw it sticcing uncannily ute abofe þe sands as deals of a lichame may sticc ute from an ill-made grafe. Fear spoce from þe eld-worn stones of þis hoary oferlifer of þe flood, þis great-eldmoþer of þe eldest piramid; and an unseen whiþ drofe me off and bade me to flee from fern and fell derns þat no man should see, and no man else had efer dared to see.
Farlen in þe weasten of Araby lies þe nameless borogh, crumbling and speechless, its low walls nearly hidden by þe sands of untold elds. It must hafe been þus before þe first stones of Memfis were laid, and while þe bacestones of Babilon were yet unbaced. Þere is no tale so old as to gife it a name, or to eftcall þat it was efer alife; but it is told of in whispers by campfires and muttered abute by eldmoþers in þe telds of sheecs, so þat all þe þeeds shun it wiþute wholly cnowing why. It was of þis stead þat Abdul Alhasred þe mad leeþer dreamt on þe night before he sang his unareccendly lines:
 “Þat is not dead which can forefer lie, And wiþ odd elds efen deaþ may die” 
I should hafe cnown þat þe Arabs had good grundes for shunning þe nameless borogh, þe borogh told of in old tales but seen by no lifing man, yet I wiþstood þem and went into þe untrodden waste wiþ my olfend. I alone hafe seen it, and þat is why no oþer ansine bears such attle lines of fear as mine; why no oþer man shaces so awfully when þe night-wind rattles þe windows. When I came upon it in þe gastly stillness of unending sleep it looct at me, chilly from þe light of a cold moon amidst þe weasten’s heat. And as I edwent þat looc I forgot my reeþ at finding it, and stopped still wiþ my olfend to wait for þe dawn.
For stundes I waited, till þe east grew gray and þe stars faded, and þe gray went to a light of rose edged wiþ gold. I heard a moaning and saw a storm of sand stirring among þe fern stones þogh þe heafen was clear and þe great reaches of þe weasten still. Þen abofe þe weasten’s far rim came þe blasing edge of þe sun, seen þrogh þe tiny sandstorm which was faring on, and in my binding I þoght þat from some farlen depþ þere came a crash of soonly bloom to hail þe fiery wheel as Memnon hails it from þe shores of þe Nile. My ears rang and my faþoming seeþed as I led my olfend slowly aþwart þe sand to þat speechless stone stead; þat stead too old for Edgipt and Merowy to eftcall; þat stead which I alone of lifing men had seen.
In and ute amongst þe shapeless staddles of huses and raceds I wandered, finding nefer a graft or lettering to tell of þose men, if men þey were, who bilt þe borogh and dwelt þerein so long ago. Þe fernness of þe spot was unwholesome, and I longed to come aþwart some marc or sare to profe þat þe borogh was indeed bilt by mancind. Þere were andefens and metings in þe wreccs which I did not lice. I had wiþ me many tools, and dug much wiþin þe walls of þe shattered worcs; but headway was slow, and noþing telling was unearþed. When night and þe moon eftcame I felt a chill wind which broght new fear, so þat I did not dare to stay in þe borogh. And as I went uteside þe fern walls to sleep, a small sighing sandstorm gaþered behind me, blowing ofer þe gray stones þogh þe moon was bright and most of þe weasten still.
I awoce at dawn from a string of awful dreams, my ears ringing as from some bloomful lude. I saw þe sun loocing redly þrogh þe last gusts of a little sandstorm þat hofered ofer þe nameless borogh, and marct þe stillness of þe rest of þe landship. Onse more I fared wiþin þose brooding wreccs þat swelled beneaþ þe sand lice an ettin under a sheet, and again dug doomedly for lafes of þe forgotten cind. At noon I rested, and in þe afternoon I spent much time wandering þe walls, and þe bygone streets, and þe utelines of þe nearly swinded bildings. I saw þat þe borogh had been mighty indeed, and wondered at þe springs of its greatness. To myself I faþomed all þe wolders of an eld so farflung þat Caldea could not eftcall it, and þoght of Sarnaþ þe Doomed, þat stood in þe land of Mnar when mancind was young, and of Ib, þat was hewn of gray stone before mancind came to be.
All at onse I came upon a stead where þe bed-rocc rose starc þrogh þe sand and made a low cliff; and here I saw wiþ glee what seemed to foreshow furþer hints of þe folc before þe flood. Hewn meanly on þe side of þe cliff were þe suttle fronts of many small, stoccy rocc huses or allows; whose insides might aceep many derns of elds too farlen for recconing, þogh sandstorms had long sinse worn away any grafts which may hafe been uteside.
Efer so low and sand-choced were all þe darc openings near me, but I rimed one wiþ my spade and smowed þrogh it, bearing a brand to unheel whatefer runes it might hold. When I was inside I saw þat þe shrafe was indeed an allow, and beheld suttle marcs of þe cind þat had lifed and worshipped before þe weasten was a weasten. Rogh-hewn weefeds, sweers, and hirns, all selcooþly low, were not missing; and þogh I saw no graftiworcs or metings, þere were many lonely stones suttly shaped into tocens by uncindful means. Þe lowness of þe grafted room was efer so odd, for I could hardly more þan cneel upright; but þe rimþ was so great þat my brand showed only a deal at a time. I cwoce oddly in some of þe far hirns; for some weefeds and stones broght to mind forgotten wones of awful, siccening, and unareccendly acind, and made me wonder what cind of men could hafe made and brooct such an allow. When I had seen all þat þe stead held wiþin, I smowed ute again, ceen to find what þe oþer allows might yield.
Night had nu neighledged, yet þe rinendly þings I had seen made wreatyness stronger þan fear, so þat I did not flee from þe long moon-cast shadows þat had fased me when I first saw þe nameless borogh. In þe twilight I rimed anoþer opening and wiþ a new brand smowed into it, finding more unsuttle stones and tocens, þogh noþing more inlightening þan þe oþer allow had held. Þe room was as low as þe oþer, but much less broad, ending in an efer so narrow hallway cruded wiþ dile and becluded shrines. Abute þese shrines I was prying when þe lude of þe wind and of my olfend uteside broce þrogh þe stillness and drew me forþ to see what could hafe frightened þe deer.
Þe moon was gleaming stricingly ofer þe forefern wreccs, lighting a þicc clude of sand þat seemed blown by a strong but flagging wind from some spot along þe cliff ahead of me. I cnew it was þis chilly, sandy wind which had stirred þe olfend, and was abute to lead him to a stead of better shelter when I happened to glint up and saw þat þere was no wind atop þe cliff. Þis astonished me and made me fearful again, but I cwiccly eftcalled þe swift steadly winds I had seen and heard before at sunrise and sunset, and deemed it was a wonely þing. I deemed þat it came from some rocc cleft leading to a shrafe, and wached þe stirred sand to follow it to its from; soon seeing þat it came from þe blacc opening of an allow a long farl suþe of me, almost ute of sight. Against þe chocing sand-clude I plodded toward þis allow, which as I neared it loomed greater þan þe rest, and showed a doorway far less choced wiþ caced sand. I would hafe fared in had not þe great might of þe isy wind almost cwenched my brand. It spewed madly ute of þe darc door, sighing uncannily as it beat þe sand and spread abute þe weird wreccs. Soon it grew wan and þe sand grew more and more still, till endly all was at rest again; but a shade seemed stalcing among þe gostly stones of þe borogh, and when I glinted at þe moon it seemed to ripple as þogh glassed in unstill waters. I was more afraid þan I can arecc, but not enogh to dull my þirst for wonder; so as soon as þe wind was fully gone I fared into þe darc room from which it had come.
Þe allow, as I had þoght from þe uteside, was greater þan eiþer of þose I had neesed before; and it was oferweenendly a cindful shrafe, sinse it bore winds from some land beyond. Here I could stand fully upright, but saw þat þe stones and sweers were as low as þose in þe oþer allows. On þe walls and roof I beheld for þe first time some suttling of þe metingly list of þe fern stocc, odd curling streacs of tifer þat had almost faded or crumbled away; and on two of þe sweers I saw wiþ rising þrill a mase of curllinely grafts. As I held my brand aloft it seemed to me þat þe shape of þe roof was too efen to be cindful, and I wondered what þe forstearly cutters of stone had first worct upon. Þeir bilding scill must hafe been great.
Þen a brighter burst of þe awesome fire showed me þat for which I had been seecing, þe opening to þose farlener chines whense þe cwicc wind had blown; and I grew wan when I saw þat it was a small and trewly uncindful door grafted in þe trum rocc. I þrust my brand wiþin, beholding a blacc going wiþ a roof wholfed low ofer a rogh flight of efer so small, manifold, and steeply sying steps. I shall always see þose steps in my dreams, for I came to learn what þey meant. At þe time I hardly cnew wheþer to call þem steps or mere foot-holds in a stalc sye. My mind was whirling wiþ mad þoghts, and þe words and warnings of Arab witiers seemed to float aþwart þe weasten from þe lands þat men cnow to þe nameless borogh þat men dare not cnow. Yet I diþered only an eyeblinc before going forþ þrogh þe gateway and starting to climb warily dune þe steep going, feet first, as þogh on a ladder.
It is only in þe awful dwimmers of libs or madness þat any oþer man can hafe had such a sye as mine. Þe narrow going led endlessly down lice some dreadful gostly well, and þe brand I held abofe my head could not light þe uncnown depþs toward which I was smowing. I lost tread of þe stundes and forgot to looc at my wach, þogh I was frightened when I þoght of þe farl I must be oferfaring. Þere were wends of righting and of steepness, and onse I came to a long, low, efen going where I had to wriggle feet first along þe roccy floor, holding my brand at arm’s lengþ beyond my head. Þe stead was not high enogh for cneeling. After þat were more of þe steep steps, and I was still clambering down unendingly when my flagging brand died ute. I do not þinc I underyet it at þe time, for when I did underyet it I was still holding it high abofe me as if it were ablase. I was trewly unhindged wiþ þat feeling for þe odd and þe uncnown which has made me a wanderer upon earþ and a gost of far, fern, and forbidden steads.
In þe darcness þere flashed before my mind stiches of my dear hoard of shuccly lore; cwids from Alhasred þe mad Arab, offcwids from þe dernwritly nightmares of Damashius, and forcooþe lines from þe mad Image du Monde of Gauthier de Mets. I edledged cweer deals, and muttered of Afrasiab and þe shuccs þat floated wiþ him down þe Oxus; later besinging ofer and ofer again a cwid from one of Lord Dunsany’s tales—”þe untelling blaccness of þe newelness”. Onse when þe sye grew amasingly steep I yed someþing in sing-song from Tomas Moore until I feared to yed more:
 “A stoccpile full of darcness, blacc As wiches’ whers are such, when fill’d Wiþ moon-libs in þe moonfare chill’d Leaning to looc if foot might fare Down þrogh þat dwolm, I saw, beneaþ As far as sight could spurry trew Þe seawall sides as smooþ as glass, Loocing as if nuþe dighted þrogh Wiþ þat darc pich þe Sea of Deaþ Þrows ute upon its slimy shore.” 
Time had fully halted being when my feet again felt an efen floor, and I funde myself in a stead slightly higher þan þe rooms in þe two smaller allows now so unreccendly far abofe my head. I could not fully stand, but could cneel upright, and in þe darc I stumbled and crept hiþer and þiþer at hapsome. I soon cnew þat I was in a narrow going whose walls were lined wiþ fattles of wood hafing glass fronts. As in þat forefern and newel stead I shooc at þe mightly meanings. Þe fattles were seemingly put along each side of þe going at bisen betwixtfaccs, and were long and breadþwise, awfully lice þrughs in shape and greatness, I funde þey were trumly fastened.
I saw þat þe going was a long one, so stumbled ahead cwiccly in a creeping run þat wouldhafe seemed awful had any eye wached me in þe blaccness; þwaring from side to side nu and þen to feel of my umbworld and be wiss þe walls and rows of fattles still streched on. Man is so wont to þincing sightwise þat I almost forgot þe darcness and faþomed þe endless hallway of wood and glass in its low-studded sameness as þogh I saw it. And þen in an eyeblinc of untellendly feeling I did see it.
Right when my faþoming melded into real sight I cannot tell; but þere came a stepwise glow ahead, and all at onse I cnew þat I saw þe dim utelines of þe hallway and þe fattles, made ebber by some uncnown undergrunde gleam. For a little while all was alsuch as I had faþomed it, sinse þe glow was efer so wan; but as I unþincingly cept on stumbling ahead into þe stronger light I underyet þat my þoght had been but nesh. Þis hall was no rogh-hewn wrecc lice þe allows in þe borogh abofe, but a wonder of þe most amasing and utelandish list. Rich, bleeful, and daringly wonderful tocens and metings made up a singale plot of wall tifering whose lines and blees were beyond telling. Þe fattles were of a weird golden wood, wiþ fronts of torght glass, and held wiþin þe mummied lichames of beings utereaching in utelandishness þe most moonstrucc dreams of man.
To tee any begrip of þese fifels is unmightly. Þey were of wormcin, wiþ body lines speacing sometimes of þe crocodile, sometimes of þe seal, but more often noþing of which eiþer þe lifeloreman or þe fernloreman efer heard. In sise þey neared a small man, and þeir fore legs bore wrast and suttly liþe feet wreatly lice þe hands and fingers of a man. But oddest of all were þeir heads, which gafe a shape so ofernimming all cnown lodestars of lifelore. To noþing can such þings be well licened—in one flash I þoght of licenings as sundry as þe cat, þe bulldog, þe Satir of ferntales, and man. Not Yofe himself had so ettinish and swollen a forehead, yet þe horns and þe noselessness and þe crocodile-lice chaw put þe þings uteside all erdfast cinds. I þoght for a time on þe realness of þe mummies, half reasowing þer were manmade godyields; but soon chose þat þey were indeed some forefern stocc þat had lifed when þe nameless borogh was alife. To wolderbee þeir utelandishness, most of þem were litefully wrapped in þe dearest of cloþs, and galsely laden wiþ glendges of gold, wreat, and uncnown shining blooms.
Þe weight of þese smowing beings must hafe been great, for þey held first stead among þe wild lines on þe meted walls and roof. Wiþ machless scill had þe listman drawn þem in a world of þeir own, wherein þey had boroghs and yards made to fit þeir metings; and I could not but þinc þat þeir meted yore was forebisenly, mayhaps showing þe forþship of þe cind þat worshipped þem. Þese beings, I said to myself, were to þe men of þe nameless borogh what þe she-wolf was to Rome, or some godpole-deer is to a þeed of Indishmen.
Holding þis utelooc, I þoght I could follow roghly a wonderful greatleeþ of þe nameless borogh; þe tale of a mighty seashore alderborogh þat rixt þe world before Africa rose ute of þe wafes, and of its guþes and reeþs, its ails and losses, and afterward its awful fight against þe weasten when þusands of its folc—here spelled in forebisen by þe utelandish worms—were drifen to hew þeir way down þrogh þe roccs in some amasing sty to anoþer world whereof þeir witiers had told þem. It was all bleefully weird and lifelice, and its bond wiþ þe awesome sye I had made was wis. I efen acnowed þe goings.
As I crept along þe hallway toward þe brighter light I saw later steps of þe meted greatleeþ—þe leafe-tacing of a cind þat had dwelt in þe nameless borogh and þe dene abute for ten þusand þusand years; þe cind whose souls shranc from yielding sights þeir bodies had cnown for so long, where þey had settled as wanderers in þe earþ’s youþ, hewing in unrined rocc þose form shrines at which þey nefer stopped worshipping. Nu þat þe light was better I pored ofer þe metings more closely, and, eftcalling þat þe odd worms must spell þe uncnown men, umbecast upon þe folcways of þe nameless borogh. Many þings were odd and untellendly. Þe tilþ, which inned a written staffrow, had seemingly risen to a higher hoad þan þose unmetendly later tilþs of Edgipt and Caldea, yet þere were odd balcs. I could, for bisen, find no metings to spell deaþs or burial ways, safe such as were guþes, heast, and cwales; and I wondered at þe balcing shown abute cindful deaþ. It was as þogh a begrip of earþly undeaþshildiness had been fostered as a chircing dwimmer.
Still nearer þe end of þe going were meted bilds of þe utmost comeliness and unþriftiness; unlice sights of þe nameless borogh in its forletting and growing wrecc, and of þe weird new world or nerxenwong to which þe cind had hewn its way þrogh þe stone. In þese sights þe borogh and þe weasten dene were shown always by moonlight, a golden wheel hofering ofer þe fallen walls and half unheeling þe torght flawlessness of olden times, shown gostly and fleeting by þe listman. Þe nerxenwongly bilds were almost too unþrifty to beliefe; spelling ute a hidden world of endless day filled wiþ torght boroghs and unrinendly hills and denes. At þe last I þoght I saw tocens of listful unhightide. Þe metings were less scillful, and much more utelandish þan efen þe wildest of þe earlier sights. Þey seemed to tace dune a slow fordwining of þe fern stocc, twinned wiþ a growing righness toward þe uteside world from which it was drifen by þe weasten. Þe shapes of þe folc—always spelled by þe hallow worms—seemed to be stepwise wasting away, þogh þeir soul as shown hofering abute þe wreccs by moonlight gained in andefen. Wanþrifen priests, shown as worms in gilded weeds, cursed þe upper loft and all who breaþed it; and one awful last sight showed a fern-loocing man, mayhaps a wayfarer of fern Iram, þe Borogh of Sweers, torn to deals by þose of þe elder stocc. I eftcalled how þe Arabs fear þe nameless borogh, and was glad þat beyond þis stead þe gray walls and roof were bare.
As I looced upon þe atew of wallmeting yore I had come efer so close to þe end of þe low-roofed hall, and was aware of a great gate þrogh which came all of þe lightbere glow. Creeping up to it, I rooped alude in heafenly amase at what lay beyond; for instead of oþer and brighter rooms þere was only a bundeless rodder of samely leam, such as one might faþom when staring down from þe peac of Eferest upon a sea of sunlit mist. Behind me was a going so tight þat I could not stand upright in it; before me was a bundelessness of undergrunde blase.
Reaching dune from þe going into þe newelness was þe head of a steep flight of steps—small manifold steps lice þose of þe blacc goings I had fared—but after a few feet þe glowing anip hid eferyþing. Swung bacc open against þe left-hand wall of þe going was a great door of brass, amasingly þicc and fratowed wiþ utelandish low-unheels, which could if closed shut þe whole inner world of light away from þe wholfs and goings of rocc. I looced at þe steps, and for þe nonse dared not fand þem. I rined þe open brass door, and could not shriþe it. Þen I sanc nefeling to þe stone floor, my mind afire wiþ ettinish begrips which not efen a deaþ-lice meeþness could ute.
As I lay still wiþ closed eyes, free to smea, many þings I had lightly noted in þe meetings came bacc to me wiþ new and awful weight—sights spelling þe nameless borogh in its heyday, þe blead of þe dene abute it, and þe farflung lands wiþ which its chapmen chapped. Þe forebisen of þe smowing beings befuddled me by its alcin utestandingness, and I wondered þat it should be so closely followed in a meted yore of such weight. In þe metings þe nameless borogh had been shown in andefens fitted to þe worms. I wondered what its trew andefens and lancow had been, and þoght an eyeblinc on wit oddnesses I had seen in þe wreccs. I þoght wreatly of þe lowness of þe fern allows and of þe undergrunde hallway, which were tweeless hewn þus ute of buing to þe worm gods þere highed; þogh it understandibly lessened þe worshippers to smowing. Mayhaps þe right ways had indeed a smowing in efenledging of þe beings. No liefly areccing, howefer, could easily aread why þe efen going in þat awesome sye should be as low as þe allows—or lower, sinse one could not efen cneel in it. As I þoght of þe smowing beings, whose attle mummied shapes were so close to me, I felt a new þrob of fear. Mindful licenings are wreaty, and I shranc from þe begrip þat oþer þan þe arm fern man torn to deals in þe last meting, mine was þe only shape of man amidst þe many sundries and tocens of forefern life.
But as always in my odd and wandering being, wonder soon drofe ute fear; for þe lightbere newelness and what it might hold wiþin gafe a hich worþy of þe greatest spurrier. Þat a weird world of arune lay far dune þat flight of oddly small steps I could not twee, and I hoped to find þere þose sights of man which þe meted hallway had trucced to gife. Þe metings had shown unbeliefendly boroghs, hills, and denes in þis lower stead, and my faþoming dwelt on þe rich and ettinish wreccs þat awaited me.
My fears, indeed, were umb þe forþwiten raþer þan þe toward. Not efen þe trum dread of my stall in þat closed hallway of dead worms and foreflood metings, miles below þe world I cnew and met by anoþer world of eerie light and mist, could mach þe deadly dread I felt at þe newel fernness of þe sight and its soul. A fernness so great þat meting is weac seemed to leer dune from þe forefern stones and rocc-hewn allows in þe nameless boroghs, while þe latest of þe astunding landwrits in þe metings showed seas and worlddeals þat man has forgotten, wiþ only here and þere some somewhat cooþ uteline. Of what could hafe happened in þe earþly elds sinse þe metings ended and þe deaþ-hating stocc badbloodedly undernyed to rot, no man might say. Life had onse teemed in þese shrafes and þe lightbere world beyond; now I was alone wiþ bleeful sundries, and I shooc to þinc of þe endless elds þrogh which þese sundries had cept a still and forsacen wach.
All at onse þere came anoþer burst of þat sharp fear which had fitfully nimmed me efer sinse I first saw þe awful dene and þe nameless borogh under a cold moon, and my meeþness notwiþstanding I funde myself starting madly to a sitting bearing and staring bacc along þe blacc hallway toward þe underways þat rose to þe uter world. My anyets were much lice þose which had made me shun þe nameless borough at night, and were as unatellendly as þey were mighty. In anoþer eyeblinc, howefer, I fanged a still greater shog in þe shape of a suttle lude—þe first which had brocen þe utter still of þese grafe-lice depþs. It was a deep, low moaning, as of a farlen þrong of forleesed souls, and came from þe righting in which I was staring. Its strengþ cwiccly grew, till soon it eftluded frightfully þrogh þe low going, and at þe same time I became aware of a strengþening draft of cold loft, licewise flowing from þe underways and þe borogh abofe. Þe rine of þis loft seemed to anew my efenness, for I eftcalled anon þe suttle windflaws which had risen abute þe muþe of þe newelness each sunset and sunrise, one of which had indeed þewed to unheel þe hidden underways to me. I looced at my wach and saw þat sunrise was near, so girded myself to wiþstand þe gale which was sweeping dune to its shrafe home as it had swept forþ at efening. My fear again waned low, sinse a cindful wonder tends to drife away broodings ofer þe uncnown.
More and more madly flowed þe shreeing, moaning night-wind into þat inlet of þe inner earþ. I dropped nefeling again and cluched idly at þe floor for fear of being swept bodily þrogh þe open gate into þe lightbere newelness. Such wood I had not weened, and as I grew aware of a trew slipping of my shape toward þe newelness I was beset by a þusand new dreads of misgifing and faþoming. Þe efil of þe blast awacened awesome faþomings; onse more I licened myself shacingly to þe only oþer sight of man in þat frightful hallway, þe man who was torn to deals by þe nameless stocc, for in þe fiendish clawing of þe swirling farþs þere seemed to abide a wraþ all þe stronger hereþrogh it was mostly mightless. I þinc I shreed madly near þe last—I was almost mad—but if I did so my roops were lost in þe hell-born Babel of þe howling wind-wraiþs. I fanded to smow against þe murderful unseendly flood, but I could not efen hold my own as I was shofed slowly and ruþlessly toward þe uncnown world. Endly witcraft must hafe wholly snapped, for I fell to babbling ofer and ofer þose unatellendly lines of þe mad Arab Alhasred, who dreamt of þe nameless borogh:
 “Þat is not dead which can forefer lie, And wiþ odd elds efen deaþ may die” 
Only þe grim brooding weasten gods cnow what trewly happened—what unatellendly struggles and scrambles in þe darc I wiþstood or what Abaddon wised me bacc to life, where I must always eftcall and shace in þe night-wind till noþingness—or worse—taces me. Fifelish, uncindful, ettinish, was þe þing—too far beyond all þe begrips of man to be beliefed oþer þan in þe still forleesendly stundes when one cannot sleep.
I hafe said þat þe might of þe rushing blast was hellish—trewly efil—and þat its stefens were attle wiþ þe pent-up hatefulness of forsacen efernesses. Anward þose stefens, while still dwolmful before me, seemed to my beating brain to tace bodily shape behind me; and dune þere in þe grafe of unrimed eld-dead ferns, faþoms below þe dawn-lit world of men, I heard þe gastly cursing and snarling of odd-tunged fiends. Wending, I saw utelined against þe lightbere heafen of þe newelness what could not be seen against þe dusc of þe hallway—a nightmare crude of rushing shuccs; hate-warped, disgustingly hirsted, half-seeþrogh; shuccs of a stocc no man might mistace—þe smowing worms of þe nameless borogh.
And as þe wind died away I was dropped into þe fiend-folced blaccness of earþ’s rop; for behind þe last of þe beings þe great brasen door clanged shut wiþ a deafening lude of bloomful soon whose reludings swelled ute to þe farlen world to hail þe rising sun as Memnon hails it from þe shores of þe Nile.
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2020.09.09 23:43 Browns2020Champion Why is r/nfl so convinced that Belichick was far more important to the Patriots dynasty than Brady?

I see it a lot on reddit but not as much within the sports media. The arguments I see are the following
You guys have watched every single Pat game. Why do you think this is the reason?
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2020.09.09 19:09 u87hi Who is the more likely future HOFer, Derrick Rose or Rajon Rondo?

Rose has one MVP and multiple allstars while Rondo has a ring and several allstars. Both probably won't be allstar again, who has the greater chance of becoming a HOFer?
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2020.09.08 18:39 jnightrain Aikman vs his Peers

While on vacation this weekend i came across this thread on /nfl on Dolphins being interested in Aikman in 2002. One of the comments was someone saying they were surprised Aikman was a HoFer and didn't agree that he should have made the HoF.
I mentioned I agreed that based on stats alone i didn't think Aikman was a HoFer but pointed out its not the Hall of Very Good Stats but Hall of fame. I pointed out that i thought Troy was worthy for being a 3 time champion, SB MVP, and the QB of the team of the 90's and one of the greatest dynasty's of all time. I thought that plus his good not great stats was worthy of a bust in Canton. Pointed out the the same could be said about Namath, Bradshaw, and Lynn Swann that they were more in there because things other than their stats.
Anyway the guy brought up what he thought were mediocre super bowl stats for troy's second and third super bowl even though he still had a 68% completion percent even though his TD's were down. The guy then said Troy wasn't a top 5 QB of his generation and again i agreed with that part...until i dug into the post season stats. I was pleasantly surprised at how well Aikman's post season stats stacked up against the other QBs i thought would be considered the best of the 90's. I couldn't think of a 5th i'd put in front of him after i started thinking about it. Maybe Warren Moon now that i think of it?
Post got pretty long so here is the best i can do with a Tl;Dr: Aikman stacks well and even beats Elway, Young, Favre, and Kelly in most post season and super bowl stats. I point out the supporting cast is a weak argument when Kelly and Young had teams that were worthy of the team of the 90's if they didn't run into either all time great teams or the Cowboys.
I figured i'd share here because it was a lot of work this morning and wanted to share it with you guys and wondered your thoughts on Aikman and the HOF and his place among 90's QBs. Obviously there will be some bias here. After doing this i would probably put him 4th in front of Kelly. Elway is hard for me because his stats are pretty poor in the post season but i think a lot of that can be attributed to his bad 80's teams that he drug to the post season and i think Elway is a top 3 QB of all time. Young is also a bias of mine because i think he is a top 3 most talented QB of all time but career cut short because of injuries. If i'm talking strictly 90's i'd probably go:
The QB's
The 4 other QB's I decided to compare are Jim Kelly, John Elway, Brett Favre, and Steve Young. All four of these QB's i think are better than Aikman and would consider them Aikman's generational counterparts. If i had to rank them based on the 90's i would go with Young, Favre, Elway, Kelly, Aikman. Note that i think Elway is the best QB of the bunch but most of his accomplishments that put him better all time, to me, was done in the 80's. Below are the links for each QB to see where i got the stats from:
Jim Kelly
Steve Young
Brett Favre
John Elway
Troy Aikman
Note: Steve Youngs is a little wonky because he saw some garbage time behind Montana. I took them out by hand so could be off by a few but nothing substantial.
The Stats-Playoffs
Using pro-football-reference i just used the basic stats and added yards per game (Y/G) and yards per completion (Y/C) as well as Win %.
Troy Aikman - Playoff Stats
W L Win % Comp Att Comp % Yds TD Int TD:INT RTG Y/G Y/A Y/C
11 5 68.75% 320 502 63.75% 3849 23 17 23:17 88.3 241 7.67 12.03
John Elway - Playoff Stats
W L Win % Comp Att Comp % Yds TD Int TD:INT RTG Y/G Y/A Y/C
14 8 63.64% 355 651 54.53% 4964 27 21 9:7 79.7 226 7.63 13.98
Brett Favre- Playoff Stats
W L Win % Comp Att Comp % Yds TD Int TD:INT RTG Y/G Y/A Y/C
13 11 54.17% 481 791 60.81% 5855 44 30 22:15 86.3 244 7.40 12.17
Steve Young - Playoff Stats
W L Win % Comp Att Comp % Yds TD Int TD:INT RTG Y/G Y/A Y/C
8 7 53.33% 287 464 61.85% 3276 20 13 20:13 85.8 218 7.06 11.41
Jim Kelly- Playoff Stats
W L Win % Comp Att Comp % Yds TD Int TD:INT RTG Y/G Y/A Y/C
9 8 52.94% 322 545 59.08% 3863 21 28 3:4 72.3 227 7.09 12.00
Conclusion- Aikman has the highest Win %, Highest Comp %, Highest QB rating, 2nd in TD:INT ratio by 1 TD, 2nd in Y/G, Highest Y/A and 3rd Y/C.
The Stats - Super Bowls
Troy Aikman - SB Stats
W L Win % Comp Att Comp % Yds TD Int TD:INT RTG Y/G Y/A Y/C
3 0 100% 56 80 70% 689 5 1 5:1 111.9 230 8.61 12.30
John Elway - SB Stats
W L Win % Comp Att Comp % Yds TD Int TD:INT RTG Y/G Y/A Y/C
2 3 40% 76 152 50% 1128 3 8 3:8 59.3 226 7.42 14.84
Brett Favre- SB Stats
W L Win % Comp Att Comp % Yds TD Int TD:INT RTG Y/G Y/A Y/C
1 1 50% 39 69 56.52% 502 5 1 5:1 97.6 251 7.28 12.87
Steve Young - SB Stats
W L Win % Comp Att Comp % Yds TD Int TD:INT RTG Y/G Y/A Y/C
1 0 100% 24 36 66.67% 325 6 0 1:0 134.8 325 9.03 13.54
Jim Kelly- SB Stats
W L Win % Comp Att Comp % Yds TD Int TD:INT RTG Y/G Y/A Y/C
0 4 0% 81 145 55.86% 829 2 7 2:7 56.9 207 5.72 10.23
Conclusion - somewhat skewed because of Youngs 1 SB appearance and it being the greatest QB performance in a SB of all time. That being said Aikman has highest win %, Highest comp % by a good margin, 2nd best TD:int ratio, 2nd highest QB rating, and 2nd highest Y/A.
The Supporting Cast
You, and others, have brought up the team surrounding Aikman and also Emmit when RB's are discussed. Apparently the only good players on the Cowboys were the O-Line and Irvin because they never get propped up by teammates in discussions. Anyway using these 5 QB's i would say only Favre and Elway would get a pass on being surrounded by talent when it comes to the playoff stats but only Elway would get a pass on talent for his SB stats because his early teams were garbage. Every QB had very talented teams for their super bowls but Favre probably had the least Offensive weapons besides Elways early SB's, but not enough that Favre gets a pass like he was dragging his offense to a championship.
Kelly and the Bills would be the team of the 90's if they didn't run into historically good teams in their 4 super bowls. The '90 Redskins are easily a top 5 team of all time and some argue the greatest team of all time, '91 Giants had an all-time defense along with the greatest Defensive Coach of all time and a head coach that is one of the greatest of all time. The bills lost to both of those teams by 1 score. Then the faced the team of the 90's in back to back years. Kelly, Thurman, Reed, and Lofton were on the level of Aikman, Irvin, and Smith and they had a great defense.
Young was also part of a team that could've been the team of the decade if they didn't have to go through the team of the decade each year to get to the super bowl. Once they pushed through they put on one of, if not the most, dominant super bowl performances of all time.
So there is no excuses for Kelly and Young from a team stand point and Aikman was better than both in the playoffs and close to Young in the Super Bowl stats.
People bring up how it was easy for Aikman to throw because people focused on Emmit which is probably true to an extent but that is also true for Elway's two super bowl wins and all of Kelly's super bowls as they were a run first team that lived off the play action.
According to PFR here is the comeback stats and game winning drive stats:
QB Total Games Comebacks GW Drives
Aikman 165 15 20
Young 169 13 16
Favre 302 28 43
Elway 234 31 40
Kelly 160 21 28
Pretty comparable when you look at total games
IMO these stats were actually better than i anticipated. I didn't expect him to be leading or this close to these other QB's so this only makes me more sure that he is easily a HoF QB and the stats actually back him up better than i thought. The only argument against him now is he had a great team but again so did Kelly, Young, and Montana for that matter.
I don't know how you can argue against him stacking up against his peers of his generation. i don't have enough time to dig up regular season stats and comparisons but i think most people would agree post season game play is far superior to regular season game play which is another reason Eli Manning will be a hall of famer, to touch on an earlier reply of mine.
At some point faulting Aikman, and Emmit, for being on a great team is just lazy. The thing that is great about Aikman is that he was never going to lose you a game. He might not be able to win a shootout like Favre but he also won't lose you a game you should win like Favre would.
EDIT: realized i forgot to change Playoff stats to SB stats after i copy and pasted the stat tables.
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2020.09.08 03:55 angelfan_named_angel Toronto Blue Jays

If you aren't already watching the Jays-Yanks game (since the Yanks losing works in our favor for the last playoff spot) you should be watching now. Holy moly. 10 runs(including a grand slam) in the 6th after being down 6-2. Really fun team to watch with youngsters of former players including the son of our one and only HOFer Vladdy!
Also Vladdy Jr., the biggest of boys, just stole a base last inning.
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HOFERS - Du keasch in mei Lebm - YouTube Norbert Hofer - ORF-Sommergespräch 2020 - 17.8.2020 - YouTube Hoferr1 - YouTube Fellner! LIVE: Norbert Hofer im Interview - YouTube Tirol Panorama: Rundgemälde - YouTube Tod des Mundart-Rockers Polo Hofer R.I.P HofeR - YouTube

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  1. HOFERS - Du keasch in mei Lebm - YouTube
  2. Norbert Hofer - ORF-Sommergespräch 2020 - 17.8.2020 - YouTube
  3. Hoferr1 - YouTube
  4. Fellner! LIVE: Norbert Hofer im Interview - YouTube
  5. Tirol Panorama: Rundgemälde - YouTube
  6. Tod des Mundart-Rockers Polo Hofer R.I.P
  7. HofeR - YouTube
  8. HOFER Preis Rap - YouTube
  9. HOFER Österreich - YouTube
  10. LAZARUS Interview E. Hofer & R. Krechler - YouTube

HofeR subscribed to a channel 1 year ago ถั่งเช่า อ.วิโรจน์ Cordyplus - Channel. 32 videos; สารสกัดเข้มข้น ''ถั่งเช่า ... ℗ & © Chorus Pro.Media 2018! Das Video zur neuen Single der 3 sympathischen Südtiroler Geschwister die 'HOFERS' - Du keasch in mei Lebm; Überall als Download... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Besuche auch unsere anderen Kanäle: ***Mehr Videos: www.oe24.at/video +++Facebook: facebook.com/oe24.at/ ---Instagram: instagram.com/oe24.at/ Sendung vom 17.... 50+ videos Play all Mix - Tod des Mundart-Rockers Polo Hofer R.I.P YouTube Polo Hofer und Schmetterband - Titanic - 1988 - Duration: 5:02. SRF Musik 11,156 views FPÖ-Bundesparteiobmann Ing. Norbert Hofer zu Gast im ORF-Sommergespräch 2020 am 17.8.2020. (Quelle: ORF) Zum 1. Teil der Videoserie 'Mitarbeitergewinnung in der Pflege' https://www.beraterkreis.at/mitarbeitergewinnung-in-der-pflege-1/ Der offizielle YouTube Channel von HOFER in Österreich. Hier findest du alle aktuellen HOFER TV-Spots, Videos zu Karriere bei HOFER und vieles mehr. Für Insp... Mehr zum HOFER Preis findest du auf https://www.hofer.at/de/angebote/aktuelles-zum-HOFER-Preis/ Lyrics: Chillen im Jakuzzi zum HOFER Preis Blumen für die Sus... Tirol Panorama: Die Schlacht am Bergisel 1809 im Riesenrundgemälde in Innsbruck. Das Riesenrundgemälde ist eine Panoramadarstellung in Innsbruck. Es ist im M...